5 Profitable Freelance Businesses + Getting Started!

Being a freelancer is scary-good, isn’t it? It’s true that you can set your own work schedule and workload, but are you sure your freelance business is definitely profitable? Jeng-jeng-jeng!

So this time, Jagoan Hosting will give you a sneak peek of 5 profitable freelance businesses! The 5 businesses below are businesses that are being sought, hits, and can help you get long-term profits. What are you?

profitable freelance business
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UI/UX Designer

For those of you technology enthusiasts, this may not be a foreign term or profession. The growing use of software or applications mobile Among the Indonesian people, the competition is getting tougher to give the most beautiful appearance.

This is the importance of a quality UI/UX Designer: to win the competition in application and software display!

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If the UI Designer has the task of determining the appearance of the application or website, then the UX Designer is responsible for ensuring the ease of operation of the application or website. So generally these two professions become one because they must synergize with each other to be effective.

Not only for designing, but UI/UX Designers must also have good research skills. They must be diligent in interviews or surveys to target users whether the website or application used is in accordance with their needs.

id="backend-developer">Backend Developer

Here comes a truly resilient profession! Backend developers are the first team or people to look for when there are errors or problems on the website or application. What are they doing?

Backend developers work on web or application development from the server side, which ensures that both can function optimally according to their goals. Start designing data models, code application, maintain data structures, solve problems such as bugs,

to technical research. Certainly not to be forgotten: coding!

Content writer

Do you like the article you are reading? If so, then this article’s content writer has done his job!

Content writer is not just writing articles. They must be able to provide articles that are easy to understand, concise, and of course meaningful. In addition, content writers must also write topics that are relevant to their customers. Don’t let the Jagoan Hosting website as the best hosting in Indonesia actually offer fried rice recipes!

Research skills and general knowledge are very important to become a content writer. The good thing is, content writers are usually contracted based on big projects, you know!


What’s the difference between this and a content writer? If the content writer produces full article writing, then the copywriter tries to summarize and simplify it so that it becomes social media content.

Yep, generally copywriters work on writing such as Instagram captions or advertisements. Do not forget that copywriters also have a goal, namely so that the goal or call-to-action achieved. For example, the purpose of the Instagram caption must be to follow or share In Instagram Stories, good copywriting must make readers do both things.


Does the surveyor have to go into the field? Could be yes and no. There are surveyors who conduct surveys by telephone or online, some are involved in the field.

This profession should not be underestimated, yes! Surveyors are a profitable freelance choice because they work on a project basis. The calculation is generally per respondent head registered in the surveyor data.

In addition to earning money, you can also get a lot of experience by interacting with various people with diverse demographics. Exciting!

Prepare to be a reliable freelancer!


may ask: So how do you get started as a freelancer? Relax, the first step you can do is prepare your portfolio website. This way, when people want to know more, they just click and read information about you on the website.

You can consult with Jagoan Hosting for steps to start creating a complete website with the best choice of hosting servers that have been provided. From small steps, you might open the door to bigger sustenance, you know! Good luck!

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