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After almost two months of using the benQ GH800, I’m going to draw some conclusions about the things that are interesting in the GH800, and things that are less. So it can be your consideration to choose the right camera.

First is the reason why you should choose GH800

1. Great color

The JPEG color output of the BenQ GH800 deserves a thumbs up. In my opinion, the results are very fitting. No need to tinker with photo processing software. An example of the results can be seen in the previous post.

Colors in HDR mode are also very good. In fact the best I’ve seen from even more expensive cameras. Well here I mean the HDR color is natural and not too much

From the blue sky | BenQ GH800
Until the water is clear and the skin color is natural | BenQ GH800
And the beautiful colors of the sunset, can be done well | BenQ GH800

2. Great wide angle

The BenQ GH800 has a 23mm wide lens, which is wide enough for landscape shooting, without the need to distort too much. Most cameras start at 28. Not many start at 23 (usually 24mm is the more common).

And this lens is very sharp at a wide position!

Zoom comparison can be seen here.

For me, this is wide enough | BenQ GH800

3. Great for telephoto

From 23 mm, the GH800 immediately shot to 810 mm. Focal length like that is commonly used by people to photograph small objects in the distance such as birds. And the GH800 did a great job.

Notice the little black line at the top center in the previous photo? This is what we will get if we zoom in to get there. Pretty amazing! | BenQ GH800
Shooting birds | BenQ GH800
Shooting birds | BenQ GH800
Shooting birds | BenQ GH800

4. Great handling

Holding the GH800 is just like holding a DSLR. The grip is solid, not slippery. And the weight is not too light, not too heavy, but enough to stabilize. Especially if you use an electronic viewfinder that is attached to the eye.

The LCD can also rotate up and down to make it easier to take difficult angles.

BenQ GH800
in hand | benq Gh800

5. Great value for money

For all the features above, the price of BenQ is no more than 2.9 million rupiah. The price is relatively inexpensive for a prosumer camera like this.

The five reasons above are what I really like about the GH800. However, there are also things that can still be improved in the next series, such as:

  • Autofocus is less fast at the telephoto position and low light, at the wide position is fast enough.
  • When turning on the camera with the lens cap closed, the camera will not turn on. This is actually a preventive measure, but it’s actually annoying in my opinion.
  • Decreased sharpness and contrast when zoomed in. (normal on all camera lenses)
  • It doesn’t support RAW format yet.
  • High ISO performance that has not been maximized, especially ISO 1600 and above. But still very good compared to cameras with other 1/2.3 inch sensor sizes.

In conclusion, I recommend this camera for those of you who don’t want to bother changing lenses on a DSLR, but want a large zoom range, especially when traveling.



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