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Its full name is Sultan Aji Muhammad Sulaiman Sepinggan Airport. But to shorten it, let’s just call it Sepinggan Airport. Sepinggan is an airport located in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan.

This airport has just received a ciamik award. Based on Airport Council International’s assessment, Sepinggan is the best airport in the world in 2017 in terms of passenger satisfaction services in the category of 5-15 million passengers per year. Wow!

And you need to know, this Sepinggan is one of my favorite airports in Indonesia! What’s so cool about this airport? Let’s see why.

1.Modern design with local touch

Clean White

Entering the check-in area, Sepinggan is decorated with artificial gardens decorated with various types of orchids, one of which is a black orchid. Reminds me of the beauty of the tropical forests of the island of Borneo. Really fresh to see

The design of this airport looks minimalist in white. Many natural light sources from top to side so that the impression displayed is very spacious.

In some parts there are ornaments typical of the Dayak ethnic group. There are carvings, statues, replicas of houses, to replicas of orangutans seen in Sepinggan!

Fresh, there are greens
Take advantage of natural light
Beautiful lamp design
boarding gate
boarding gate
Drop off area
What airport, mall?

2. Airport Cinema

airport cinema

If you arrive at the airport too soon, or suddenly your flight is delayed, there’s nothing wrong with trying the free cinema facilities at the end of gate 11.

The cinema has 19 seats. The shape is a personal sofa with a large size. Like the premiere version of the cinema. The footrest can be raised. Super soft and comfortable! Be careful you fall asleep here and miss your flight!

You can’t choose the film yourself. Must follow a set schedule. But in my opinion, sitting in this cinema chair is much more comfortable than in a paid lounge, let alone sitting in front of the boarding gate.

It’s at the end of gate 11
The chair has a footrest

3. Reading Corner

Perfect place for selonjoran

If you have run out of seats at the airport cinema but still want to relax, try stopping by this reading corner.

It is located in the middle near gate 6. The collection is not too much. But enough for just reading or just relaxing in the bean bag provided. There are magazines, novels, children’s books, to travel notebooks.

This is my favorite spot at Sepinggan airport. It was so comfortable, I had time to open my laptop and finish some work.

Near the reading corner, there are also several computers that you can use to surf the internet if you need to.

4. 3D Toilet

That’s my friend pretending to pee

Have you ever been to a trick eye museum? In several spots in Sepinggan, there are creative floor and wall decorations. At some point if we take pictures, our eyes will be deceived by optical illusions.

But uniquely, this 3D painting is placed in the toilet. His painting is of a bridge on Derawan Island, one of the main tourism destinations in East Kalimantan.

But sometimes this installation can be a bit confusing, hmm, how do you explain it? So the story is that you want to pee, then behind you someone is taking pictures and taking selfies….

It’s better if you want to take pictures here, make sure there’s no one around, hihi!

5. Other facilities

Photo booth. Clothes can be borrowed from the nearest officer.

On the ground floor of the airport where you arrive there is a shopping center like a mall. It’s not too big, but if you go to the airport and forget to bring your suitcase and clothes and accessories, you don’t have to worry about buying everything.

Is there a discount on clothes?

For people with disabilities or people who need other special needs, Sepinggan Airport has special facilities that will help them. Officers can serve for assistance from check-in to delivery of passengers to the departure gate.

There is also a Dayak themed photo booth which is quite instagram-able at the departure gate. Not only that, there are Dayak costumes including hats to be used as props. Those who like photos will definitely be addicted here.

Mba Duta Airport, mobile customer service

Sepinggan is a fairly sophisticated airport. The baggage handling system is automatic, there is no need for human intervention. Many sensors recognize baggage with a barcode so that it will enter the correct aircraft baggage. Only big airports such as CGK, DPS, BPN, KNO have this sophisticated system.

Special Needs customer service

The Airport Operation Control Center (AOCC) system is also in one room. So that arrangements such as aircraft parking, gate management, to check-in management are in one command so as to minimize problems.

Of course, there are still some shortcomings of this airport, such as there are still many empty places that have not been used. However, is there an airport in Indonesia that is cooler than this?

Boarding first to Berau, going to Derawan ehehe. Let’s continue later 🙂

Thank You!

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