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Hello fellow travelers and backpackers! This time we will discuss one travel gear what you have to bring! Why should? Because this travel gear has become a premier necessity today. Let’s just call him travel wifi Wi2fly huh!

Wi2fly is a travel wifi rental service that makes it easy for you to use internet facilities while abroad. As we know, the internet has an important role in terms of communication and information sharing. Examples are social media updates, video calls using skype, or as a communication tool. And next, why do we have to bring travel Wifi from WI2FLY?

As a pioneer of wifi internet rental services, WI2FLY provides many advantages, including:

1. Signal up to 4G LTE

This is the main reason you should use wi2fly is the strength of the wi2fly wifi signal up to 4G LTE with speeds up to 200 MBPS. The internet connection becomes stable and you don’t experience such thing as slow, slow or even stopping internet.

2. Can be connected up to 5-8 devices

Wi2fly is perfect if you’re traveling a lot

Wi2fly offers various types of wifi to its users. For class skyroam, smart devices that can be connected can reach up to 5 devices. And for other types, up to 8 devices can be connected. Very suitable for those of you who travel in groups / tours / with your friends. And certainly much safer and protected from virus attacks that might happen.

3. Cheaper than data roaming

This is one of the things that is considered why you should choose wi2fly, especially backpackers. If you are a backpacker who prefers to travel abroad with a limited budget, of course you have to maximize your finances so that you can meet accommodations during your trip. Including internet fee.

Roaming rates vary from country to country. And this of course can drain your wallet! By using travel wi2fly, you don’t have to worry about roaming costs anymore. Because it does not require additional fees or free roaming.

4. Prices start from Rp. 70.ooo

Wi2fly reaches many countries, even in Japan it reaches remote places like this.

Imagine that apart from free roaming, the rates offered are also very affordable. Under 100 thousand with guaranteed quality. With rates starting at 70 thousand rupiah, you are sure to get unlimited quota, 4G LTE signal, speed up to 200MBPS. Plus the internet network covers the continents of Europe, China, Malaysia, Japan, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, the United States and includes 56 other countries.

5. Practical and Free Delivery

Practical because it is pocket-sized and can be ordered online. The service and response to consumers is very good. Plus Wifi delivery throughout Indonesia FREE ONGKIR alias Free.

So if you go abroad next time, you don’t have to bother buying a local SIM card or using roaming facilities, the prices sometimes don’t make sense. It’s better to rent a portable wifi from Indonesia, which has the above advantages. So when you get out of the plane, you’ll still be connected and can instantly update your status!

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