5 Recommendations for a Good and Long-lasting Compact Powder

A good and durable compact powder on the market can be tried with product recommendations such as the following.

Confused looking for compact powder on the market? Especially now that there are many good and durable compact powders sold in the market. So that you don’t make the wrong choice, the following recommendations for the best compact powder will help you find the right compact powder for everyday use.

Compact powder is one of the make-up tools that a woman needs to have. Besides being simpler, compact powder is also easy to carry when you go out. It’s just that, not all brands of compact powder that exist have good durability to wear all day. You need to be more selective so that the results of facial makeup are maintained when you are outside the house.

1. Maybelline FitMe Matte Poreless Powder

Source: journal.sociolla.com

This powder from Maybelline is perfect for oily skin owners. Designed to control excess oil production on the face, this Maybelline powder will last all day long. In addition, this compact powder can also be used for sensitive skin and is able to disguise facial pores.

With a matte finish, you don’t have to worry about your face becoming an oil refiner. Makeup will look more natural according to the shade of powder you choose. Interestingly, this powder can be purchased for under 100 thousand rupiah.

2. Moko Moko Fine Cover Two Way Cake

Source: bukalapak.com

If you want to have a compact powder with a cute packaging, the Moko Moko brand is the right choice. With a mini size, Moko Moko powder is easy to carry to put in your make-up pouch.

With 2 shade available, you can more easily choose a good and durable compact powder according to your needs undertone your face. Not only durable, this powder from Moko Moko is also able to reduce oil production on the face.

3. Emina City Chic CC Cream

This powder from Emina can be used for all skin types. Interestingly, you can use this powder without having to use foundation first. Like a complete family’s words of wisdom, the result is that this powder is able to cover acne scars or blemishes on the face.

In addition, this powder from Emina is also easy to put in a bag. You can use it for touch up on the go that will keep you looking good without having to put on make-up again. Interestingly, the price of Emina powder is very affordable, only around 50 thousand rupiah.

4. Ultima II Delicate Crème Makeup

Source: blibli.com

If you want to use a powder that is able to cover blemishes perfectly, Ultima II Delicate Crème Makeup is the right choice. This product combines foundation and powder in one product.

Besides being compact, this powder is also suitable for use with skin types normal to dry. As a result, the skin will look more matte, but the skin remains hydrated because of the moisturizing content in this powder.

5. Make Over Perfect Cover Two Way Cake

The best local brand powder that you need to try is Make Over Perfect Cover Two Way Cake. This powder also has a foundation that will make blemishes on the face disguised. Suitable for those of you who are learning to apply makeup.

Interestingly, this powder is also equipped with oil control which is suitable for those with oily skin. In addition, there is also jojoba oil and avocado oil which will keep the skin hydrated while using this powder.

Although there are many compact powders sold in the market, don’t choose the wrong powder that will make your makeup not optimal, right? The good and durable compact powder above can be your choice to look beautiful.

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