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ipadguides.id- Hello, Zone Friends! Mimin is back again with very useful information for all of you. Mimin would like to recommend 5 Youtube accounts that can help you learn from home.

Some of you must feel that studying from home is indeed more difficult, because they can’t ask friends or teachers when they don’t understand. Now for that Mimin will provide recommendations for Youtube accounts that can help you study at home. Let’s look at the following recommendations!

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Let’s Think

Illustration Let’s think (Photo: Youtube)

Sobat Zona, Youtube channel Ayo Mikir is a channel that discusses Indonesian psychology, which aims to expand the reach of education in Indonesia. Contains all kinds of science from psychology to astronomy.

This Youtube channel is guaranteed not to bore you when you watch it because the delivery is so interesting, coupled with colorful images such as ASAP science and Minutephysics.


Smarterindo illustration (Photo: Youtube)

SmarterIndo Youtube channel, is a channel that is active every week. The content presented specifically discusses about science, especially Physics. But uniquely, this channel with 52.8 thousand subscribers is managed by Daryl Ariawan, a doctoral graduate from the University of New South Wales, Australia.

Clarin Hayes

Illustration of Clarin Hayes (Photo: Youtube)

Chanel Clarin Hayes is owned by a YouTuber and beautiful doctor, Clarin Hayes. This Youtube channel can add your insight because it broadcasts various things, ranging from mental health, women’s health, sex education, to how to prevent contracting the corona virus.

So even if you stay at home, you can still get useful knowledge from Clarin Hayes through her Youtube channel.

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Question Mark Rain

Illustration of question mark rain (Photo: Twitter)

This Youtube content is perfect for those of you who have to study at home like this, because this content is certainly related to students and also students. This Youtube channel, which is managed by a number of students, makes you love science and technology even more.

How come

Illustration of How You Can (Photo: Candra’s)

The last Youtube channel is a channel, how come, so who among all of you Zone Friends gets bored easily when studying? For Zone Friends who are lazy to study, try watching the Youtube Chanel How Can You Do It.

Because in this Youtube Channel, content is presented with cool motion graphics, science, mathematics, psychology, philosophy, and physics are packaged lightly, making it easy to understand.

5 Recommendations for Youtube Accounts to Accompany Friends in the Study Zone from Home

Friend Zone, those were some recommendations for Youtube accounts that can add insight as well as accompany you to study from home.

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