5 Recommended Free SEO Responsive WordPress Templates Part 2

Hello, sis! Of course you still remember, don’t you? One way in a digital marketing strategy is optimization website including the content of website that you manage. This method is commonly known as Search Engine Optimization or SEO. In order to have website which is okay and well optimized, you can use website templates SEO ones friendly. For WordPress users, you can use templates WordPress SEO responsive free.

This time Hosting Expert, the best hosting service provider in Indonesia will again share five recommendations for free responsive SEO WordPress templates. By using this template, you can make your readers and potential customers feel at home for long surfing on your WordPress. Of course you will have a higher number of visits and a lower bounce rate. That way you can have a greater chance of persuading other people to buy the product or service that you offer. Very interesting, right?

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Even though fifth templates this is templates WordPress SEO responsive it’s free, it doesn’t mean the quality is not okay, friend. a lot of cool features are provided and that’s for sure all templates this is templates SEO-friendly WordPress friendly. In recommended articles templates WordPress SEO responsive previous free, Hosting Expert already listed five templates this as a recommendation:

  1. Everly Lite
  2. OceanWP
  3. Illdy
  4. Shapely
  5. Simpleshift

If you are interested in reading more, click this link, friend! This time Hosting Expert will continue to discuss the five recommendations templates

next. Listen carefully, bro!


In the previous article, Hosting Expert already listed OceanWP as one of the recommendations templates WordPress SEO responsive. This recommendation is predicted to be the main competitor of OceanWP. Astra is one of the templates

WordPress which provides a variety of abundant SEO features. These features are very SEO friendly. Therefore, it is not surprising that Astra is one of the templates which is very much chosen by managers websites.

Astra is already supported with schema markup and also built-in AMP so that the optimization process website you will find it easier. Not only that, bro! Templates Astra is also supported by features last update which shows the time website uptime you. Templates This one WordPress worth it really for you to try.


Neve is templates which is also light. Neve is templates WordPress that has an attractive appearance even though the default theme is very light. Neve really supports AMP and of course really does responsive. Any device used by the reader or visitor website you will not affect the performance templates

this. Not just SEO friendly, Neve is also very mobile friendly. Templates This one WordPress is perfect for you Hosting Expert the target visitor-it is device users mobile.


Hestia had a very attractive look. Owned view templates it is so flexible and very suitable for all types of WordPress usage. bloggers, brand, fashion, beauty brand, brand other products, service providers, or even for a portfolio. Hestia is suitable for all types of use. For friends Hosting Expert who likes material design, you can try glancing templates this one.


From the name alone, you can tell that templates WordPress is intended for optimization purposes. This is one of the recommendations templates WordPress SEO responsive free mainstay of many circles. The main advantages of templates in is a highly structured categorization of data. WordPress will look neat and all the data will be neatly categorized as well.


Like to play with the style of writing and logos? If yes, Sydney is a recommendation templates WordPress SEO responsive free which is perfect for you, friend. Sydney has many alternatives font and various kinds of logos that you can set yourself. It looks very attractive and you can adjust it according to your taste. Not only that, Sydney too mobile

friendly, you know! Guaranteed level bounce rate Your WordPress will not soar.

Those are five additional recommendations about templates WordPress SEO responsive which is free. If you want a FREE Premium Divi Theme, you can also get it for every purchase of Cloud Hosting at Jagoan Hosting, friend!

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