5 Secrets of Netflix Developers to Make Best Selling Products!

5 Secrets of Netflix Developers to Make Best Selling Products!

Netflix Developers – If you are a movie lover, you must be familiar with Netflix! The movie subscription application has succeeded in attracting the enthusiasm of moviegoers, especially during the coronavirus-19 pandemic! If at first pirated films became the prima donna, with Netflix, it’s not foreign to watch movies legally!

All of Netflix’s success cannot be separated from the strength of Netflix developers in building their products. The business and developer teams work hand in hand to present the applications that are used most often during the pandemic, friends!

Shhh, Jagoan Hosting has succeeded in stealing Netflix developer secrets that you can use as inspiration. What can you get from them?

1. Innovation continues, even dedicated to being an updated blog

Although Netflix is ​​certainly moving with a business focused on movie subscription services, it doesn’t mean that their developers can be underestimated. No kidding, they even have a special developer blog, the Netflix Technology Blog.

5 Secrets of Netflix Developers to Make Best Selling Products!

Here, they are trying to give highlights for each contributing developer. They also discuss innovations in cloud computing until data science periodically.

It’s really fun to be able to discuss with like-minded friends and of the same frequency, friend!

2. Netflix developers are trying to find solutions to problems efficiently

From the Netflix Technology Blog blog, they always bring up a case that is currently happening. There they also discuss how they as developers solve problems efficiently.

No wonder the Netflix Technology Blog is one of the blogs that every developer must read, friend!

3. Netflix’s CEO even pays its developers an amazing salary!

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All of that greatness certainly wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t supported by the right resources, right? Don’t worry, Reed Hastings as the CEO of Netflix admits that they are willing to pay a high price for the developer, even 3 times that of Amazon!

Of course, not just any developer can enter, right! Those who meet the criteria of a good developer, of course, do not only come from coding but also have soft skills such as the best problem-solving.

4. Prefer jack of all trades than a specific specialist

Another secret is that they are generally not specialists in a specific field. AI, machine learning, to Maya may look cool, but Netflix feels it needs more developers who are ready to standby on their daily work.

The technical skills that still dominate at Netflix are software engineering, Java, Python, and software developing. These are all basic techniques that are still being used today!

5. Netflix believes the right developer will increase the value 100x!

Why does Netflix bother wasting so much money on its developers? They argue that the right developer will not only increase it 10x, but up to 100x.

They also argue that rather than recruiting thousands of mediocre people, it is better to recruit tens to hundreds of the best. People management is hardand they managed to outsmart it efficiently!

Those are 5 Netflix developer secrets that made them big now. Interested in being a part of Netflix? Don’t be half-hearted, create your portfolio website now with the best hosting from Jagoan Hosting. The new Mix and Match cloud hosting service will help you save money because now you can order your own custom hosting service! Why pay more when you can get less? Kuy point here, yes!

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