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Many emails have come to me with the question, “Sis, what travel agency do you use when traveling abroad?” or other similar questions.

I personally hardly need to use a travel agency. If you are still relatively young and familiar with the internet, I don’t think it is necessary to buy travel packages. Except for a trip that is a bit difficult if you prepare yourself like Umrah. Or if you are a parent who doesn’t want to bother with preparing everything and has an unlimited budget, feel free to buy travel packages.

I will try to write down my experience of preparing everything before starting a trip to a place. Trust me, it won’t be difficult, it just takes a few touches on your smartphone!

1. Determine your dream destination

On vacation in Japan

Surely you have a dream destination, right? My advice, don’t follow other people or just be impulsive in choosing cheap tickets.

Choose a destination that you really want to go to for personal reasons. My dream destination was Japan. Because since childhood I was a fan of Doraemon, Dragon Ball, and other anime. I really want to eat Dorayaki like Doraemon and Ramen like Naruto in their original place. Would love to have a picnic under the cherry blossoms in bloom. I want to be a super saiyan like Son Goku if possible. And if there’s a chance, I really want to watch AKB48 live so I can make people jealous who can only watch a copy on FX Sudirman!

Because if we don’t go to the destination we really want, we will keep thinking about it until we can’t sleep!

For example, if you want to buy a car. If you want a BMW but instead buy a Toyota, how long will you imagine it’s a BMW. It’s better to be patient and keep collecting money until you can buy that which is your dream!

2. Create a special holiday account

Traveling to Eastern Indonesia like Togean requires special funding planning

If you are serious about actually going to your dream destination, try this one tip from me: create a special account for traveling!

By creating this account separately from your other accounts, you can focus on saving every month. Because usually, your dream destination is definitely not cheap. If you don’t separate it, it will be mixed up and interfere with your other expense items.

If you set aside for example 500 thousand every month, you can get 6 million rupiah in a year. You can go on vacation for a week or so in Japan!

What? Can’t it be 500 thousand a month? Try scribbling coffee overpriced whose cup can be almost 100 thousand from your shopping list every month. Or for those who like smoking, if you can quit, maybe in a year you can raise enough money to travel around Europe for a few weeks 🙂

3. Make Itineraries

You don’t have to make a travel schedule and a detailed itinerary for so many hours, so many minutes, you have to come here and do so and so. It’s bound to be a headache.

Personally, I just make a wish-list of places I will visit in that destination. Based on priority. Well, what if I don’t have time to visit all of them later? It’s okay, that’s your reason to revisit it sometime, right?

This is an example of my Itinerary when I went to Europe some time ago. Just for the sake of it, originally when I went on vacation it wasn’t exactly the same as what I made this.

4. Book Transportation and Accommodation Online

flight packages plus hotels are more economical

After you have made a draft itinerary, it’s time to order transportation and accommodation.

Book a plane from far in advance of our vacation. Sometimes for promo tickets it can be 3-6 months before departure. Diligently monitor social media from airlines so you don’t miss promos.

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There are other ways to save on flight and hotel costs. Try booking your flight and hotel together!

On several booking booking sites such as Traveloka, you can order a combined ticket and flight package at once. In addition to saving more money, this method also simplifies the process of planning our vacation. Various payment options are also available, such as bank transfers, ATMs, credit cards, or installments.

The simpler the more comfortable our vacation, right?

5. Be open-minded. Enjoy your holiday!

Itinerary already made. But don’t get stuck as you have planned on paper. Many spontaneous things will happen when traveling.

Maybe you fall in love with a place so that you change your itinerary and prolong your time in that place. Or vice versa. That’s totally okay. You don’t use a travel agency that has to visit 10 places in one day, so sometimes you don’t even have time to take selfies.

So, have you planned your next vacation?

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