5 Strategies to Make Your Products and Business More Trusted by Consumers

5 Strategies to Make Your Products and Business More Trusted by Consumers

Consumer trust is the most expensive thing that can be obtained by a company, it is not easy to get and is very valuable. As Warren Buffet said, “Without integrity, a company that’s been around for 5 years can go bankrupt in 5 minutes.”

Simply put, when your prospects and customers trust you, consumers are more likely to buy from you. When you have consumer trust, you can also charge higher prices to increase brand value.

But building trust doesn’t just happen. you must remain consistent in doing so and understand your buyer persona and meet the expectations of your customers from time to time.

There are positives that are effective at building trust in your brand, but it takes time and a special strategy to do so. Here are the strategies:

1. Interaction with consumers

If consumers want to interact with your business, provide that opportunity. Consumers have questions that need to be answered if you don’t provide answers in a timely manner, then you can lose trust.


try to answer questions quickly and if necessary use special CS staff who focus on dealing with customers who have questions.

You can also use software such as Desk.com to help with the work of serving these consumer inquiries.

Create social media and share interesting and useful things for your consumers. Posts don’t always have to be promos, but it’s much better if you share posts that trigger interaction with your potential customers.

Big companies understand this very well, they have a special team to handle the interaction of potential customers on social media.

5 Strategies to Make Your Products and Business More Trusted by Consumers


Have a quality product

You can’t force other people to believe in your product if your product is bad enough. So the first thing that needs to be done is to make a quality product. This is the basic foundation.


having a quality product that beats competitors’ products, you will actually have unpaid, satisfied customers who promote your product to others.

Word of mouth promotion is the most effective way of promotion known in marketing. Someone who is trusted, gives reviews and recommendations to those closest to them sincerely.

Having a quality product has a ball effect. It may not have much effect at first, but after people use it, they will continue to use it and recommend it to others.

A simple example is the Tesla car. The Tesla Motor Company does not budget a single dollar for marketing, marketing and advertising. They only focus on product development.

But Tesla has fantastic media coverage from international media to influencers on Instagram and YouTube. The Tesla lover community has sprung up around the world.


this is all without spending any marketing costs at all.

What Tesla did was to break into the vehicle industry and create an entirely new type of vehicle with extraordinary advantages such as the fastest acceleration in the world, with the latest battery technology, the most environmentally friendly, the cheapest electric vehicle, the longest mileage electric vehicle, having its own filling pump and earned countless awards.

The same thing you can do with your product. Make a product with a very high advantage so that you get a positive image and consumer trust.

But don’t wait until your product is perfect to get started, start right away then repairs can be done in hindsight.

Tesla is the same way, its first electric car product, the Tesla Roadster, is quite bad and has been criticized by many. From the criticism he received, he began to make the product much more perfect.

3. Do branding

Branding is a great way to instill confidence in your customers. I once found a software company in Indonesia that did very good branding.

The company only has a few employees and is remote, some of them are freelancers. With not so much capital, they did a very impressive branding in my opinion.


instill in the minds of potential customers that the software is the best software in Indonesia. In a short time, this small company got clients from multinational companies.

This is because they use strong branding. Even though they are a small company that does not have an office that is operated from the homes of each of its employees, they look proportional and are aggressively branding.

This company appeals by creating informative blogs, creating podcasts, being a public speaker, advertising on the internet and others.

You can also imitate the same. Don’t wait for the company to become big first before thinking about branding, but do branding so that your company becomes big.

Barnding starts with what message your brand wants to convey later. You want your brand to be thought of as what in the eyes of your consumers. This is very important before making an appeal.

After that make a pomotion with the message that has been determined earlier.

5 Strategies to Make Your Products and Business More Trusted by Consumers

4. Own company values

Corporate values ​​are important for the company, not just to make your company “as if” a professional. Values ​​are the reason why you build a company. The reason why you wake up and work every day.

Humans seek value and fulfill their values ​​every day. This value is important as a company that wants to move forward.

Simply put, get the client to believe in the values ​​you believe in. Humans are not moved because of “what” (there is something), “how” (how something is) but because of “why” (the reason for something).

So think about why your company is so important? Why does your product have a competitive advantage? Why should customers buy from you? Why is your company doing what it is currently doing?

This is what your customers need. Not just an explanation that your product or service is great, good, but also a shared vision that is felt by consumers.

5. Set a VISION that is relevant to consumers

Consumers believe what the company believes and because consumers and companies have the same vision. Vision is one of the values ​​that is closely held by the company.

For example, Tesla has a vision and value to make electric vehicles environmentally friendly. Tesla wants to change the world with his company by providing zero carbon emission cars at low prices.

You can also imitate it by creating personal and company values, visions and commitments where you and your employees share the same vision and invite consumers to share the same vision and values.

That is, you set a vision, values ​​and commitment to contribute through your product. So what you do is not just chasing money, but more than that.

You are able to benefit others. The value of the product is seen from the value of benefits, not money. The success of the company is measured by the number of people who can be helped, not by the amount of money.