5 Successful Ways to Make Your Own Products You Need to Know

5 Successful Ways to Make Your Own Products You Need to Know

Building products and brands is an activity that requires consistency and also a long time to be able to produce products that match market tastes.

Creating a product is all about creating unique value and providing a good customer experience. Products must be able to solve customer problems.

A common mistake people make products is that they make products they think other people will like. He thought his taste was quite good and was accepted by the crowd.

Keep in mind that the product is not made for yourself but for a large audience and you have to adapt your product to the wishes of the crowd. Maybe the product you created you don’t really like, but quite a lot of people like it.

That is one of the common mistakes made by someone starting to make their own product. Of course you don’t want to be stuck in the same error.

Therefore CariDuit.id has summarized 5 successful ways to make your own product that you should know. Hopefully this guide can guide you to avoid mistakes and increase your chances of success later.


here’s the list:

1. Determine target consumers

The mistake of many people is that they do not determine the target consumer when starting a business. They set the target consumer is everyone. This error is also what I used to do often.

We tend to think that the wider the target consumer, the more customers we can get. The reality is quite the opposite.

People who have a narrowed target market will actually get a lot of benefits. This is because they do everything based on the target consumer from creating products according to the target consumer to marketing to consumers to be much more effective.


example is Lamborghini cars targeting only the rich. So he created exclusive and luxurious products at high prices. Because of the expensive cars, he was never included in the list of the highest selling cars in the world.


Lamborghini surprised everyone’s consumers, he started to produce cheap and competitive cars with Toyota, Honda, Daihatsu and others. What happens is that the Lamborghini brand falls, instead of it being included in the list of the world’s best-selling cars, it will become a car company that is not so good in all aspects.

Another example is dairy products. In fact, there is no much different composition from one milk product to another. What is different is the way of marketing only. Milk for increasing muscle mass, gaining weight, increasing body height, and milk for the elderly are not much different, but the marketing has a different target.

Imagine there is a milk that has a supply, milk for all needs and for all people to increase muscle mass, gain weight, heighten body, and for the elderly.


he get consumers from sportsmen, fat people who want to slim down, people who want to gain weight and the elderly?

Will it be flooded with consumers?


Quite the opposite.

2. Determine the product

Those of you who are reading this article because you are looking for it, probably already have an idea for a product that is planned to be made. But for those who want to make a product but don’t have a product idea, you should follow these tips.

Often someone who wants to start making a product asks, “What product sells fast?” even though all products must have a buyer and no product that guarantees someone to be successful.

In principle, the product is an object or service that fulfills the needs, desires and solutions for other people. So the first question you have to answer is who you want to target the product you want to make.

Then ask what they want (target consumers want). Then ask what products or services you can provide to meet their needs, wants and provide solutions for them.

Choose a product that includes potential, meaning that there are not many people who produce it in your area but the need for the product is great.


product is it?

Find out yourself!

Observe your environment, yourself, friends, neighbors, markets, grocery stores and all the products and services you can observe.

This requires carefulness, research, and thoroughness. This is not easy, but if you succeed, then you get a great opportunity and a strong enough business foundation for success.

5 Successful Ways to Make Your Own Products You Need to Know

3. Look at your competitors

After you find an opportunity to make a certain product, don’t immediately produce it, do an in-depth and thorough observation first.

First, look at between two and four competitors in the industry you will be in. Look at those near you. See and examine how they work and how they run their business.

Get as much information as you can get.

It may seem a bit exaggerated but this is important before determining what decisions are taken later.

Lao Tzu, author of The Art of War, teaches you to know who your enemy is before fighting him. Know the strategy before designing a strategy.

By clearly identifying competitors, we can see their weaknesses and strengths that we can add to the industry we are building. By having detailed knowledge about them, we can do ATM (Observe, Copy and Modify).

While doing so, try to answer these basic questions:

What are the main advantages of competitors’ products or services?

Are they promoting effectively?

Are their customers satisfied or is there something their customers don’t like?

How do they market their business, is it online, offline, or both?

4. Make a trial or product demo

This is very important to do before the product launch. It’s pointless to get as much feedback as possible. You can observe how the product is received among your consumers.

But there is a problem here. If you give away a free product, people often don’t tell the truth, they are reluctant to criticize the product or service they have received for free. This is a separate problem for those of you who are testing the product.

Then try to sell your product, see if the customer feels that he is being paid the same as he is getting. This is done before making the product en masse.

You can also make product prototypes. Or counterfeit products that are adapted to the product to be issued.

These are usually physical products, applications, websites, and software.

5 Successful Ways to Make Your Own Products You Need to Know

5. Promote and do branding

Do promotions offline and online with a variety of promotional channels that are always close to your target consumers.

Currently effective promotion is usually by using social media and paid site ads. There are quite a few platforms that you can try later. Don’t forget to measure and test.