5 Teams You Can Try in Football Manager 2022

For some people, simulation-themed games are very exciting for them to play. One of them is Football Manager. Organizing a team, especially our favorite team with real player names, makes us feel like a manager in the real world.

But sometimes, you can get bored when your favorite team is a big team with first-class players. To restore the impression of fun playing Football Manager (especially the newest edition, 2022), we will provide recommendations for teams that you can try to use in the game.

Anything? Without further ado, let’s get straight to the point.

Team Football Manager 2022

1. Persib Bandung

Persib Bandung Okezone
Persib Bandung | NewIndonesian League

How come there is a team from the Indonesian League? Without us or you knowing, Persib Bandung’s popularity in the eyes of the world is quite well known. In various sites, Football Manager players do not hesitate to put the name Persib Bandung in the team recommendations that you can try.


there may be some of you who like and want to try playing with local players. And one positive thing, the Indonesian League competition schedule in this game is not asflexible in the real world. So you guys don’t have to worry about when the League will start and finish, haha!

2. Newcastle United

Newcastle United 90min
Newcastle United | 90min


United’s situation may not be good. In the latest edition of the Football Manager game, the only hope the club has is escaping from the brink of Premier League relegation. The players you have are nothing compared to other Premier League clubs like Wolverhampton or Leicester City.


even if you have some very bad players, you will get a transfer budget of £200 million at the start of the game. This was due to the recent purchase of Newcastle United shares by the Government of Saudi Arabia.

You can buy star players like Kylian Mbappe or Erling Haaland at the beginning of the game. What is clear, the amount of funds is more than enough to rebuild the depth of your squad.

3. West Ham United

West Ham United West Ham United Official Sites
West Ham United | West Ham United Official Sites

Another English club that you can try is West Ham United. The club, which is currently in good form, has a balanced composition of players. Although, the quality of their players is not as big as other big Premier League teams.


advantage for you if you choose West Ham is that they have several wonderkids who have high selling points. Examples are Declan Rice and Said Benrahma. You can sell these two players to raise fresh funds, or make them stay at the club that made them legends.

4. Real Sociedad

2022 manager football team
Real San Sebastian | Betimate

If you are a loyal La Liga fan, you will know that this team’s performance is really impressive. In the midst of the inconsistency of big La Liga clubs such as Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, Real Sociedad was able to take advantage of the momentum that made them fight for the top 5 positions in the league standings.

Just like West Ham, the depth of the squad they have is quite even. Even though you don’t have a transfer budget and a wonderkid like West Ham, at least you only need to make minor changes to balance the quality of the club.


the club was forced to be unlicensed in the latest edition of Football Manager. They use the name Real San Sebastian which is the club’s hometown.

5. Inter Miami

Inter Miami Cf As USA
Inter Miami CF | USA USA

Inter Miami may not be a club in the big European leagues. Also, they themselves are a new club that started competing in MLS (American Football League) in the 2020 season yesterday.

However, you can’t underestimate this club. They have experienced players like Luis Nani, Gonzalo Higuain and Blaise Matuidi. The quality of the two is also far from being said down so that you benefit from the presence of these experienced stars.

You can shift the dominance of LA Galaxy with the famous squads that Inter Miami has.

So, what do you think about the list above? Are you interested in trying out the team in Football Manager 2022?

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