5 Things Programmers Do When Tired Of Code

Who says that working according to our hobbies or passions will be far from boring? Almost all types of work create saturation or boredom for the perpetrators. It’s just that different levels or levels of saturation make them different in dealing with boredom.

A programmer is no exception. Where they struggle every day with lines of code to build an application or website. It’s not uncommon for them to feel bored with their ‘coding’ activities. But the demands to complete the task they have to live.

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To deal with boredom in ‘goding’ activities, you can do some of these simple ways.

1. Coding in a different place than usual

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Boredom can arise from the environment where you work. Something has to change or at least you have to see something different so you don’t get bored with the same thing every day. Those of you who can work from anywhere, can choose to occasionally work outside your office desk. You can complete your work at home, in a cafe or coworking space. In addition to getting a new atmosphere, you will also get new inspiration. Because you will see and feel something different than usual right?


people choose a job as a programmer because they can work from anywhere. They can even work at the time or place they want. This will help programmers reduce stress due to boredom at work.

id="2-cari-teman-ngobrol-baru">2. Find new friends to chat with

Programmers are known as introverts or even those who are labeled as ansos or anti-social individuals. Because their world will focus more on doing lines of coding which is not easy. But that doesn’t mean you who are programmers don’t have the opportunity to meet or build relationships with new people.

Don’t hesitate to go out and leave your desk and laptop for a moment to meet and hang out with the community you love. For example, the programmer community or others. You will meet new people. Of course this will make you add to your friendship who knows who will become your client or work partner in the future.

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3. Coding for something that excites you

Some people get bored when they have to do work that they don’t like, or that makes them feel very burdened. If ‘coding’ has become half of you, try to make an application that you like. Even if it’s just for fun, at least you already have a portfolio for your next client, right?

4. Learn a new language or use a new editor

If you still want to ‘coding’ even though you feel bored, try to learn a new programming language. New lessons will excite you. Choose a language that makes it easier for you to understand and not difficult to apply.


can also try to use a new editor or one that you have never used before. For example, if you are used to using the notepad++ editor, you can use Sublime text. Of course, to find a new atmosphere so you don’t get bored easily.

5. Change your coding time

Well, this one is a little difficult, but it can be tried. You’re used to getting up at night to work and thinking that’s when you get more inspiration. Try to change your working time. Try to sleep at night, get up in the morning. Work out, have breakfast, then work. Changing bad habits will make you healthier and of course eliminate your boredom with the same routine every day.

How are you buddy? You who are a programmer are a little different from the others. More of working behind the scenes and rarely even showing up even to meet with clients. But it’s really you #Herodigital owned by Indonesia. You work on building a website or application that is much needed and helps other people’s activities.

Overcoming boredom of course you have to do, not just to get you back excited but more to make you appreciate what you have now. So, #Herodigital Are you ready to build Indonesia with a code line?

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