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So you read about my last post about a few reasons why you should visit Indonesia? Should you google it, you find a website called indonesia.travel — the official tourism board.

And then you start get lost…literally.

And you start wondering, “what am I doing here?”


Here’s some of the quirk i found on the website. Come on, guys, you can do better than this!

1. Bad Typography

The font is pretty small, the character per line is too high, the line is too cramped. For me, it won’t be passed my readability test. How can people comfortably searching for information?

Why don’t you use a golden ratio typography calculator, it’s free on the internet!

My eye get strain reading this..
My RSS reader rendering your article pretty nice actually…

2. So-So Photograph

If you don’t have any great photos to represent Indonesia, you better not showing up any medicore ones. You just destroyed the images of Indonesia. And some images missing too on certain pages.

Wow what a great beach!
Wow flowers!

3. Confusing layout and navigation

How about just using two columns like my blog here?

Try to click arrow above the ‘Activity’ menu, you will get many hidden pages that should be on the front page. It also has a contributor-travel-story feature. Good luck finding the way to post articles there..

Details like too much padding on menu and anchor text style differentiation can also be improved on future updates.

confusing layouts.

4. Half-hearted lonely planet

It’s looks like trying to be one. But the information is too brochure-like and not up to date.

I better off to lonely planet anyway..

5. Not mobile friendly

This is 2014 and the design is not responsive? Where on earth did you live, guys?

When we open the site via mobile browser, it will redirect to the mobile site, which is pretty slow and too many feature-cut from the main website.

The not so friendly mobile version

This is just my opinion as a mere tourist. I love you guys so I have to write this.

What do you think?

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