5 Things You Need To Know Before Switching Hosting

How can the results of switching hosting be successful?

It really depends on the type of website hosting move and its purpose. In most cases, however, a successful site migration exhibits at least one of the following characteristics: Growth in visibility after the hosting move process

this depends on the type of migration (long term goal) which is also accompanied by a significant increase in loading speed after the hosting move process.

Research shows that a successful hosting switch can affect visibility and increase traffic by up to 60%
to the highest even 80%
increase in traffic after changing hosting

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Well of course this result is not only obtained by simply moving hosting, because there are thousands of other hosting providers out there also offering the same product, but can you find a hosting that has the best services and products?

To help you find the best hosting for your website, here are things you should know before moving on to a hosting that suits your needs.

1. Qualified Hosting Specifications

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Make sure to always

style="font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 14pt;">find out the hosting specifications before using a hosting service. Because the hosting specifications will determine the performance of your website later.

Also find out if your hosting has the latest hardware server specifications, because with the latest servers, of course, your website will have better performance than using old hardware.

Also make sure to find out the quality of your hosting network connection, because the network infrastructure will greatly affect the loading speed of your website.

Currently, the Tier-1 Network Connection is the best network connection level in the world, because with a Tier-1 Network connection your website will be accessed more quickly by all users around the world without the need for a transit network.

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By ensuring network connectivity on your hosting service, that means you also know which hosting can provide the best access speed for your website.

By using the right hosting service you will also save your time and energy in managing a website. The better the quality of your hosting, the less time it takes to take care of your website.

2. Additional Hosting Features

hosting features

Hosting service features are the main things that you must know before choosing a suitable hosting service.

style="font-weight: 400; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 14pt; color: #636262;">Make sure the hosting you choose has features that suit the needs of your website. Because every website has a different type, the needs will also be different.

List the main needs of your website, and compare it with a hosting provider that suits your needs.

If your hosting service doesn’t meet the criteria for your website’s needs, then don’t hesitate to switch to a hosting provider that can answer your needs.

Because no matter how great your hosting service is, it will be useless if you don’t find features that support your website and even harm the performance of your website.

3. Hosting Support Services
hosting service support
Also make sure the hosting service you choose already has 24-hour customer support.

Because if your service doesn’t have a customer support feature, then who will you turn to if your website gets an error or downtime?

Therefore, find a hosting service that can help you anytime or anywhere.

4. Hosting Service Guarantee

hosting guarantee

Warranty is something you should know before using any service, as well as Hosting Services.

Find out the server uptime guarantee that your hosting service can provide through friends who have used your hosting service, or you can also look for it through the internet and some testimonials. Make sure to choose a hosting that has high server uptime and really quality.

Also, make sure to find out the satisfaction guarantee and money back guarantee, because usually the higher the warranty, the higher the quality of the hosting service.

5. Level of Data Security in Hosting Services

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Most shared hosting services may come with standard security protections against malwares and spam. But if you often experience data that suddenly gets corrupted and your email is flooded with spam, it’s a sign that your hosting has not provided extra security features for your website.

Choose a hosting that really provides extra security to protect your files and can ensure your data is really protected with a multiple security system.

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Changing Hosting is Even Profit

By understanding these factors, it means that you will better understand web hosting that you can really rely on.

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