5 Tips for Keeping Mentally Insecure Due to Body Changes During Pregnancy


Pregnancy can cause many body changes. Some of these changes may be difficult to deal with and make you become insecure.

Mother becomes insecure and finds it difficult to maintain a positive body image. Some become stressed and even always think negatively about themselves.

Body changes are natural to experience during pregnancy, Mom. This condition occurs due to hormonal changes.

“During pregnancy there is a sudden increase in estrogen and progesterone. In addition, there are changes in the number and function of a number of other hormones. Changes not only affect mood but also change physical conditions,” says psychologist and nurse, Debra Rose Wilson, Ph. D., reported by Healthline.

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Changes in the body during pregnancy need to be interpreted as a normal condition. In order not to be insecure, You need to take care of your mental state.

Tips for maintaining mentality during pregnancy

Well, here have been HiMom summarized from various sources, 5 tips to keep your mental insecure due to body changes during pregnancy:

1. Apply the concept mindfulness

Draft mindfulness need to be applied during pregnancy, Mother. Research shows, mindfulness can help you stay emotionally healthy and reduce stress during pregnancy.

Practice mindfulness is an important skill for anyone, not only pregnant women. You can do meditation to focus on the situation and practice mindfulness.

Meditation may not reduce severe symptoms, but learning to adjust your thoughts and feelings can help overcome them, Mother. Try to take some time to sit down, catch your breath, release the tension that builds up in your body, and focus.

Benefits of meditation mindfulness not only reduces stress and trains emotions, but can also increase immunity. This method can also make you forget the taste insecure because of changes in the body during pregnancy.

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