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Flying by plane is fun. Especially for those who are on vacation, feeling excited always appears from the time of packing, leaving for the airport, entering the plane, until arriving at the destination. As I felt when I went to Bangkok to attend the Air Asia Blogger Community Anniversary some time ago.

But we also have to admit, there are small things in between that are sometimes annoying. Queuing for check-in, baggage, to queue at immigration if you go abroad. Especially with unexpected things such as baggage delays or canceled flights. Whoops!

But when we are smart enough, of course we can avoid these things in the following ways:

1. Use Self Check-in with E-Boarding pass

E-boarding passes. No need to queue!

Instead of queuing at the check-in counter with mothers who want to go home with dozens of boxes, it’s better if we check in alone.

There are many ways to self check-in. Starting from the self check-in counter at the airport to this web check with a browser. However, the most simple and effective way is to use apps that can be installed on our smartphones.

Like the Air Asia smartphone application that allows us to check in independently, and get an E-Boarding pass directly in the application! For now, the Air Asia Indonesia E boarding pass can only be used at Soekarno Hatta Airport.

In short, if you don’t need airplane baggage, just go straight to the boarding gate after showing your e-boarding pass to the airport staff. It’s that simple and you don’t have to worry about missing the boarding gate in your pocket because it’s definitely there if your cellphone is still there. hihi!

2. Use First Class Facility with Economy ticket

Red carpet tickets

If you want to experience the facilities of First Class passengers who can directly enter the special boarding lounge without the need to do anything, you can do that if you use this facility.

When I went to Bangkok some time ago to attend the Air Asia Blogger Community Annivesary, I stayed at the check-in counter specifically for the red carpet and showed my passport and ticket. Next, a slender beautiful woman with a sweet smile will take us to the boarding lounge. We don’t even have to queue at the immigration line!

This red carpet is one of the anti-stress solutions at the airport. The price is relatively affordable!

Special check-in line on the red carpet. Photo by Teppy

3. Choose your own seat.

Sit in the first row of premium seats. Very comfortable guys.

Sometimes we want to sit next to the window, or sometimes we prefer to sit in the aisle near the toilet, or we want a premium seat that has a wide space so that our feet don’t get tired quickly during a flight.

Air Asia has premium seats in rows 1, 12, and 14 which you can buy when booking plane tickets. Or you can upgrade when you are on the plane, of course if the premium seat is still empty.

This is what I saw when I sat in the first row of premium seats, and it was still very comfortable to work.

Or if you want to sleep handsomely like my next door neighbor, please choose a premium seat.

4. Use Travel Insurance

Traveling feels more relaxing with tune insure even though it’s scorching hot in bangkok :))

Travel insurance does seem trivial sometimes. However, going to other countries that we do not know at all what the conditions are, sometimes we feel anxious.

However, if you look at insurance benefits such as Tune Insure at a very affordable price, I think Tune Insure offers something interesting.

This Tune Insure applies all in from the start of our departure, until we return to our homeland. Covering from starting treatment in the event of an accident, lost or damaged baggage, guaranteed flight time, missed flights, of course assisted by the 24-hour Tune Insure call center worldwide.

Our trip will feel more fun and relaxing, right?

5. Order food before flying

All time favorite : Nasi Lemak Pak Naseer

Sometimes the food menu that we receive on the plane does not suit our tastes. Even to buy it back, it seems the price is a bit expensive, right?

Well, rather than happening like that, I used to order food when ordering tickets. At Air Asia, you will get a 20% discount for pre-book meals. In addition, we will be served first if you order online.

So, those are some tips to make your flight safer, more comfortable, and more enjoyable. Come on, where are we going again? 😀

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