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ipadguides.id – Hello, Zone Friends! Meeting again with Mimin who I miss, this time Mimin will share tips to be able to sharpen the memory of all Zone Friends. Instead of being late, let’s go straight to the topic of discussion!

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Fish Oil Consumption

Illustration of fish oil (Photo: liputan6)

Fish oil has lots of omega-3 fatty acids. These fats are very important for health and have been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, reduce inflammation, relieve stress and anxiety, and can slow mental decline.

Many researchers have shown that consuming fish oil can improve memory, especially in the elderly. When a person experiences mild memory loss symptoms, taking supplements rich in DHA and EPA, such as fish oil, they experience gradual memory improvement.

DHA and EPA are essential for brain health and function, also helping to reduce inflammation in the body.

Enough sleep

Illustration of adequate sleep (Photo: Okezone)

Lack of sleep can also be associated with poor memory. Sleep plays an important role in memory consolidation, which is a process to strengthen short-term memories and convert them into long-lasting memories. Researchers have also proven that if you are sleep deprived, you will experience a negative impact on memory.

Therefore, getting enough sleep is a way to sharpen memory.

Brain Training

Illustration of training the brain (Photo: Dokter Sehat)

Practicing cognitive skills by playing brain games is a very fun and effective way to improve memory. Crosswords is a word memory game, tetris or mobile application dedicated to memory training is the best way to strengthen the brain.

Plus, these brain training games have been shown to help reduce the risk of dementia, especially in the elderly.

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Consume less sugar

Illustration of granulated sugar (Photo: Business economy)

Consuming a lot of sugar is not good for the health of the body, because it can have an impact on health problems and several other chronic diseases. Research also says that a diet by reducing sugar consumption can cause poor memory to decrease, especially in areas of the brain that store short-term memories.

Reducing the consumption of sugary foods and drinks can really be done to sharpen your memory.

Consuming Dark Chocolate

Chocolate illustration (Photo: Batamogura)

Chocolate or cocoa is delicious and also nutritious, because it provides antioxidants, namely flavonoids. Research has also proven that flavonoids are very beneficial for the brain. These nutrients are able to stimulate the growth of blood vessels and increase neurons, as well as increase blood flow in the brain.

To get the most out of chocolate, choose chocolate that has a 70 percent cocoa content. Because it will really help ensure it contains more antioxidants that are beneficial for brain health.

5 Tips to Sharpen Your Memory Zone Buddy

Friend Zone, those were 5 surefire tips to sharpen your brain’s memory, hopefully it will be useful. Mimin says goodbye first, don’t miss it!

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