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ipadguides.id- Hello, Zone Friends! Back again with Mimin who is kind and not arrogant, and don’t forget to be diligent in saving. In this content, Mimin will explain about businesses that are trending in the pandemic era.

Wow, what kind of business has become a trend in the midst of the economic collapse due to this Covid outbreak. even many workers have to lose their livelihood. So, if you are curious about what business is becoming a trend, let’s look at the following tips!

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Medical tools

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After the Covid-19 pandemic, medical equipment has indeed become a much-needed necessity, from the general public to medical personnel. The most sought-after medical equipment are masks and hand sanitizers.

Many philanthropists buy medical equipment to donate to the community and medical personnel who are in dire need. Of course, this is a business opportunity that many people can take advantage of.

Even the cloth mask market in Indonesia is also quite tempting, because a cloth mask craftsman is able to earn a turnover of around Rp. 6 million per day. With all the initial capital including sewing machine and other materials, only Rp. 5 million.

Cleaning Products

Illustration of cleaning tools (Photo: Dekoruma

During a pandemic, cleanliness is one thing that should not be neglected by anyone. For this reason, a healthy and clean lifestyle must always be applied to prevent Covid-19. Therefore, the need for cleaning equipment is soaring.

Sales of hand sanitizers in e-commerce alone increased by 585%. 355% hand soap. As long as the Covid-19 vaccine has not been found, the need for health products will continue to increase.


Illustration of plants (Photo: plants)

During this pandemic period, many people are more creative in spending their free time. One of them is farming or gardening in their yard. In fact, because of its popularity, various inspirations for farming were born.

This is the moment that your business people can take. With this trend, people will compete to have plants that are viral, to be planted in their gardens.

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Expedition Service

Illustration of expedition service (Photo: indoforwarding)

Due to the pandemic and the implementation of the PSBB, few people are doing activities outside the home, to send goods they prefer to use expedition services. Expedition services inside or outside the city get a breath of fresh air.

Fast food

Fast food illustration (Photo: Lifestyleokezone)

The last business is ready-to-eat food, some of these ready-to-eat side dishes can be eaten directly and some must be heated first. If you are interested in selling ready-to-eat food, make sure the food has certain characteristics.

Don’t forget to also join online motorcycle taxi food delivery services, such as GoFood so that more customers find your food in an easier way.

5 Trending Businesses in the Covid-19 Pandemic Era Must Try Zone Friends

Friend Zone, those were some of the businesses that became a trend during the pandemic, for those of you who want to open a business, maybe you can take examples from some of the businesses above.

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