5 Tricks to Teach Children to Focus on Learning to Read, Fun without Running

Jakarta – When your little one is around 3 and 4 years old, you can teach them to read. Because, at that age, children are full of imagination and exploration so it is the right time to introduce reading skills to their little ones.

However, teaching reading to children at that age is certainly challenging because they still prefer to play. For that, Mother needs some tricks so that children feel happy when learning to read.

“So that children feel happy when they first learn to read, they should not be under pressure,” said Nancy Carlsson Paige, Ed.D, professor at Lesley University, as quoted from the page. Parents.

Children should learn to read in a fun and confident atmosphere. However, “Parents should not appear ambitious or obsessed with children’s reading ability,” said Dr. Carlsson-Paige. “They should just read with the kids, that’s all,” he continued.

Come on, Mother, see tips for teaching children to read books as quoted from the page Readingegss.

1. Use nursery rhymes

The rhymes and rhythms of nursery rhymes can help your little one hear the letters and syllables in words, which helps them learn to read.

A good way to build phonemic awareness (one of the most important skills in learning to read) is to rhythmically clap your hands and recite the song in unison, Mother.

This fun activity is an impressive way for children to develop reading skills.

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2. Make word cards

You can simply cut out the cards and write a word containing three letters on each card (eg fire, bus, two, and bag). Invite your little one to choose a card, then read the word together and lift three fingers.

Ask them to say the first letter they hear in the word, then the second, and then the third. This simple activity takes a little time to prepare and build skills phonics as well as decoding the important thing (helping your little one learn how to pronounce words) yes, Mother.

If your little one is just starting to learn the letters of the alphabet, you can focus more on the sound each letter makes than on the letter names.

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