5 Types of Vegetables That Can Be Hydroponic Plants, Lettuce to Rosemary


Vegetables that are grown hydroponically the results will be much fresher and nutritious, Mother. In addition to having a lot of nutrients, hydroponic plants can also be grown at home, you know.

Launching from the page General Hydroponics, hydroponics itself means ‘worked with water’, Mother. This technique has been used since hundreds of years ago in Egypt.

If you grow vegetables hydroponically, there are various benefits that you can get. For example, eliminating the habit of using pesticides on a large scale.

There are many types of growing media that can be used to grow vegetables hydroponically. For example, coconut coir, stone, pearlite, and so on.

You can do this method yourself at home. Even so, you have to prepare various kinds of equipment and materials first before starting to grow vegetables hydroponically.

Types of vegetables that can be hydroponic plants

Some types of vegetables will thrive if grown hydroponically, Mother. If you are curious, here is Bubun to help summarize the row from the page Happy Sprout.

1. Basil

Basil is one of the best types of herbal plants that can be grown hydroponically. Basil will grow quickly and be ready to harvest in about 28 days, Mother.

Some varieties of basil will thrive better in water than other growing media. In fact, basil often grows taller with the hydroponic method.

If you intend to grow basil hydroponically, you must use liquid fertilizer to provide the right nutrients to your plants. Also make sure the basil has good airflow so as to prevent it from getting into trouble.

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2. Lettuce

Lettuce grown hydroponically starts from seeds or cuttings, Mother. Of the thousands of varieties of lettuce, there are several types that can grow faster and are disease resistant if grown hydroponically, you know.

Just like other vegetables, lettuce must get good nutritional needs, Mother. When harvested, take the outer leaves first as needed. This will keep the inner lettuce growing.

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