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ipadguides.id – Hello, Zone Friends! Looks like after weekend it’s time we get back to doing productive things again. Come on, identify 5 ways to catch up on the material left behind to prepare for UTS. Take a look at Mimin’s review below!

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Try to Complete Tasks Independently

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Assignments are one of the things given to students, besides that assignments can also help save your grades, if the results of the Buddy Zone exam are not optimal. By doing the tasks that have been given by your lecturer, you can help increase your grades and at the same time learn material that has not been understood.

For this reason, do the tasks that the lecturer gives to the maximum, in order to help catch up on missing material. Do as much as possible so that you also understand the material.

Study Past Exams and Assignments

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Also try to study the mistakes you made during the exam. From the questions that have been given during the exam you can try to see which one is wrong with what you have done.

Not only that, learn also the mistakes when doing the task. If you feel something is up and you still don’t understand it.

Create a Material Pursuit Schedule

Illustration of material pursuit schedule (Photo: Eannovate)

Don’t forget to make a schedule for the material pursuit, this schedule is very necessary so that it doesn’t collide with other activities, when and how long does it take for material pursuits.

If you still find it difficult to focus on studying, you can study briefly and do it over and over again. Don’t forget to rest for a few minutes too.

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Note the Important Things

Illustration for noting important things (Photo: Inewsid)

In the process of pursuing the material, you can record only the important parts of each chapter being studied. Then develop parts of it, so as not to prolong your time in learning.

For material memorization problems, you can make a mind map, for terms and calculations you can make a mind map with small notes.

Do a Material Survey As Quickly As Possible

Illustration of writing a material survey (Photo: kompashealth)

What is meant by conducting a survey is, for example, you are going to take a chapter 1-4 exam while you don’t know anything about the material to be tested. The first thing you have to do is ask for the exam materials.

You can get the source in PPT or books. Read and understand the existing material, and do it as much as possible so that the results obtained are maximized later.

5 Ways to Catch Up on Missing Material to Prepare for UTS

Friend Zone, those were 5 ways to catch up on the material left behind to prepare for UTS. Hopefully it’s useful, Mimin says goodbye, don’t miss it!

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