5 Ways to Easily Record the Samsung A13 Screen

5 Ways to Easily Record the Samsung A13 Screen

Currently, the average smartphone is equipped with a built-in screen recorder feature. Unfortunately this feature is not available on the Samsung Galaxy A13. In order to record the screen, the user must install a third-party application. There are lots of applications that can be used. Now, to find out the best, please refer to the following tutorial on how to record the Samsung A13 screen.

The Samsung Galaxy A13 is one of Samsung’s best-selling smartphones in 2022. The low price is the main reason why this phone is selling well in Indonesia. In terms of specifications, it is also not bad because it already has 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal memory. In addition, there is also a 4GB Ram version at a more affordable price.

The operating system used is Android 12 with the One UI 4.1 interface. It’s a shame that the features available on One UI are not as complete as Samsung smartphones in the upper middle class. One feature that is sacrificed is the screen recorder feature. Of course this is quite disappointing. Though the screen recorder is one of the most useful features.

In the absence of a built-in screen recorder, you inevitably have to use a third-party application. Now, for those who are confused about choosing the best screen recorder application for the Samsung Galaxy A13, please refer to the article projectino.com the following.

Tutorial on how to record the Samsung A13 screen

5 Ways to Easily Record the Samsung A13 Screen

1. XRecorder

The first way is to use the XRecorder application. The application made by inShoot has the advantage of being able to record the screen without a watermark and can record the screen without a time limit. In addition, you can use it for free without the need to root first.

Of all the screen recording apps, we think XRecorder is the best. You can use this application to record the screen while playing games, opening menus, or running certain applications. How to use it is very easy. To find out, please follow each step below.

  1. First, please download XRecorder at Playstore
  2. Then open the downloaded application
  3. After the application is open, there will then be an order to agree to the terms and conditions. Please click Continue
  4. Next will appear Permission to display a pop-up window which is useful for recording the screen. Please click Allow. Apart from that, you can also choose Use Notification Bar to bring up the video recording button in the Samsung A13 notification section
  5. Next, enter the Settings section to set the recorded video resolution, quality, FPS, and various other settings.
  6. Now to start recording the screen, please open the notification bar or the pop-up button on the screen, then press the button record to start recording the screen

XRecorder provides two options for screen recording, namely via the pop-up button (Floating Window) and via the Notification Bar. As a result, recording the screen on the Samsung A13 is even easier. But don’t be surprised if there are lots of ads. Because the application can be used for free. Those who find XRecorder useful can also buy the Pro version which has more complete features and of course without ads.

2. Screen Recorder:Vidma Recorder

The next application that we highly recommend for recording the screen on the Samsung A13 is an application called Screen Recorder:Vidma Recorder. As with XRecorder, this application can be used free of charge and has very complete features. Various features are available. One of the most important is to set the Audio.

You can choose to set the audio output from the microphone, internal audio, or both. In addition, there is also a menu for recording the screen without audio and the desired video resolution. With all these features, it is very appropriate to choose this application to record the screen on the Samsung A13.

For those who are interested in trying it, please download the Screen Recorder application at Playstore. Then open the application and allow the application to display floating widow. If so, a button will appear to record the screen.

3. AZ Screen Recorder

How to record the Samsung Galaxy A13 screen

For those who want to record the Samsung A13 screen while playing games, you can try the application AZ Screen Recorder. This application has very complete features to make it easier for you to record the screen while playing games, opening applications, and various other needs. Interestingly, this application is equipped with editing features to cut video, add audio, and convert the recording into a Gif format.

All features can be used free of charge, so we highly recommend this one application. The settings provided are also very complete, such as choosing video resolution, FPS, quality, and setting whether the audio comes from the microphone, internal or both. Please download the AZ Screen Recorder application to try all the available features.

4. Mobile Screen Recorder

Recording the screen with high resolution can be done using the Mobizen Screen Recorder application. This application has a feature to record the screen in 2K resolution (Quad HD). It also includes features for editing recorded videos and various other features that you must try.

For those who are interested in trying it, please download it at Google Play Store. Then open the downloaded application, then follow each instruction until the recording button appears on the smartphone. After that, just start recording the screen while playing games or other needs.

5. ADV Screen Recorder

5 Ways to Easily Record the Samsung A13 Screen

This one application is no less good. There are various features that can be used to produce the best screen recordings. One of the most interesting features is the feature to record the screen, while recording using the front or rear camera. Through this feature, you can open video tutorials or other useful videos.

ADV Screen Recorder can also be downloaded for free at Playstore. It also provides features for trimming videos, adding text to videos, and various other features. Equally important is the feature to set the desired video resolution and audio output.


Now that’s a variety of applications that can be used to record the Samsung A13 screen in a very easy way. Even though you have to install third-party applications, in our opinion this is not a problem. After all, the application used has more complete features than the default application.

All of the applications above can also be used to record screens for free without any time limits. The only drawback is that there are ads that are quite annoying. If you want no ads, you have to look for a premium application that will automatically pay.

So that’s the tutorial on how to record the screen on the Samsung Galaxy A13 cellphone. Hopefully the information we convey above is useful and can be used as a reference. See also other articles about “How to Check Telkomsel Internet Packagesand various other recent articles.