5 Ways to Enable Double Tap Screen on Samsung

How to Enable Double Tap Screen on Samsung

Samsung cellphones come with many excellent features that make them different from many other Android phones. One of them is double-tap the screen, so how do you activate double-tap the screen on Samsung?

The purpose of activating the double-tap screen feature is to be able to turn on the cellphone. So when you tap the cellphone screen twice in an off condition, it can automatically turn on.

This feature is a gesture feature that actually existed from the older generation of Samsung cellphones. This feature later allows various gestures that can make the cellphone have the ability to be able to respond to them.

For you Samsung Andriod cellphone users who already support the gesture feature, you must take advantage of this one feature. To activate it yourself, you only need to access the settings menu or settings.

Apart from turning on the phone with a tap, the gesture feature is also useful for taking screenshots. Useful Gesture feature to do Screenshots of Floating Samsung HP with gestures feature.

How to Enable Double Tap Screen on SamsungThere are several ways to activate double-tap the screen on a Samsung cellphone. One of them is by activating it in the settings menu and also the gesture menu. Without the need to use additional applications or ROOT access from the user.

Apart from turning on the cellphone with a screen tap, the gesture feature must also be activated to take a screenshot. The following Projectino I will share a few steps to activate the menu gesture that you can choose from.

Turning on HP With 2 Screen Taps

PROJECTINOThe main purpose for activating the double-tap menu is to turn on the phone. This feature is actually not very useful for cellphones that already have a fingerprint scanner feature.

However, for older cellphone users, maybe this feature will still be very helpful to be able to turn on the cellphone. For the steps themselves, you can activate it in the following way.

  1. Go to menus Settings / Settings on Samsung phones
  2. Choose Advanced Features for the next menu
  3. Then select the menu Motion and Gesture in the below section
  4. Please activate by sliding the button ON/OFF on the menu Double-tap to activate
  5. Done

If so, then the double-tap menu on the Samsung cellphone has been successfully activated. When the cellphone is off, you can turn on the cellphone by double-tapping the cellphone screen, then the cellphone screen will automatically turn on.

When you turn on security such as fingerprint, pattern and lock code, you must enter a password first. So, you can also activate this option on all Samsung cellphones, both old and new ONE UI can use this feature easily.

Enable Gesture For Screenshot

Enable Double Tap Screen on SamsungThe Gesture feature on Samsung cellphones can also be activated to take screenshots. With this feature you can take screenshots with just a swipe of the screen. Well, to activate it yourself is quite easy.

  1. Please enter the menu Arrangement.
  2. Then select the menu Advanced Features at the bottom.
  3. Continue selecting the menu Movement and Gestures.
  4. After that please activate the menu Apply Palms To take.
  5. If this feature is active, then you can take screenshots by swiping Floating on the HP screen.

After the feature is active, users can take screenshots by swiping the floating screen. Later the cellphone will automatically take a screenshot if you swipe the screen floating.


How to Activate Double Tap Screen on Samsung can be done easily in the above way. You can activate it for Samsung cellphones with ONE UI using the same scheme.

If one day you want to deactivate it again, you can repeat the method above. Also check out other interesting tutorials like “How to Make a Name on the Vivo HP Lock Screen” on a previous review from projektino.