5 Ways to Get Cellular and Electricity Free Credit

5 Ways to Get Cellular and Electricity Free Credit
5 Ways to Get Cellular and Electricity Free Credit

This article will discuss practical and easy ways to get cellular credit and electricity for free that you can practice directly. Here is the procedure, namely:

1. Take Advantage of Credit Voucher Bonuses on Online Store Promos (E-Commerce)

There are many promotional methods that are often used by online shops to attract online visitors, and one of them is by providing bonus promos in the form of vouchers for various cellular operators.

Usually, the method used is the same as the working principle of the pulse-generating applications that you find in the Play store or app store.

You just need to do a few things that include a certain amount of coins or points.

If you have reached a certain threshold, you will be able to exchange points for a certain number of credits.

2. Using Operator Promo Period

When launching a new product or service, cellular operators usually use various amount of credit bonuses to attract the interest of their customers for anyone who wants to try using the product or service.

You can visit the official websites of the various cellular operators you use, to monitor what promos are currently taking place on the cellular operators you use.

3. Participate in the Credit Bonus Giveaway

One of the ways used by individual and corporate online media activists to promote their content is to do various giveaways, one of which is a credit bonus.

Currently, there are many giveaway event organizers on various social media, for example on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

One of the prizes from the giveaway program, there are many who use a credit voucher bonus, you can get it by following the terms and conditions given by the organizer.

For example, giveaways on Instagram, you only need to write comments on certain posts, then mention and share to a number of people or groups, then you will then be registered in the group of participants for the giveaway event from the organizer.

You just have to wait for the announcement, and if luck is with you, then you will get a bonus gift voucher that is provided.

But you need to remember, before participating in a giveaway event, you need to make sure beforehand that the giveaway event organizer is not a fraud.

4. Redeem Cellular Card Points with Credit

Another way to get a free credit bonus is by exchanging your mobile card points.

Each cellular provider operator provides a point feature for various user activities, for example when you top up, or any other activity in accordance with the provisions that apply to the provider.

If the total number of points you have reached a certain limit, you will be able to exchange them for credit vouchers according to the operator’s provisions.

5. Using the Credit Bonus Application

Currently on the internet, you will find there are many applications that can generate free credit. The way to get the credit bonus is also very easy, you just have to install the application, then follow all the terms and conditions.

Examples of conditions include registering for certain services, taking certain quizzes, reading news, playing games, and so on.

The following are some free credit-generating applications that you can try and are proven to pay their users, namely:

1) MyBeb Credit Generator App

The MyBeb Credit Generating Application often schedules promos with bonus credits for its service users.

How to get the bonus is also very easy, you just need to install the Mybeb android application, then register your cellphone number, fill in your personal data, then play and do various commands in the application.

There are several commands that are generally carried out, such as chatting, participating in commenting on other people’s posts, or even just making statuses.

With all these activities you will get points, which you can later exchange for bonus credit for all operators.

In addition to free credit bonuses, the MyBeb application also provides other very attractive prizes, such as holiday vouchers and meal bonuses in the Yogyakarta area. and others.

Actually, there are lots of other free credit voucher-generating applications that you can try, for example:

1) Coin Monster

2) Mcent,

3) Cash Pop

4) Cashtree

5) Money Locker

2) NewsCat App

With the NewsCat application, you will get free credit very quickly, that is, just by registering using your cellphone number, you get a bonus of Rp. 10,000 credit coins.

You only need to exchange the points according to the steps mentioned, then wait until your credit is filled. Your main task in this application is only one, namely reading the news.

Free Electricity Credit

The following is an easy way to get Free Electricity Credit from PLN, which is valid from July to December 2021, namely:

1. Download the PLN Mobile android application via the app store or playstore.

2. Open the application, then select Stimulus info.

3. Type your meter number or customer ID in the box provided, then click send.

4. A few minutes later, you will get details for receiving the stimulus during the discount period.

5. If you are a prepaid user, you will see a link appear for purchasing tokens using PLN Mobile, and you will get information on the bonus token stimulus that you got earlier.

6. If you are a postpaid user, a link will also appear to pay your electricity usage bill, as well as detailed information about the stimulus you received earlier.