5 Ways to Get Rid of Ads on OPPO Phones that Suddenly Appear

How to get rid of ads on OPPO cellphones? Maybe a question like this is on your mind. To be able to get rid of ads on HP Oppo itself can be done in several ways.

You can remove ads on an Oppo cellphone without an application, even without using root access. Advertisements that appear on Oppo cellphones usually appear for several reasons, one of which is the user installing a virus.

Applications that contain viruses do make cellphones often display advertisements. So, if this happens, you can get rid of ads in several ways.

Annoying ads usually appear in the search browser section as well. In browser applications, maybe we will often encounter advertisements whose positions are very annoying to users.

So, you as an Android cellphone user certainly want to support user enjoyment by eliminating annoying advertisements. As well as How to Remove Ads on Chrome Android Without an application you can also use this method.

How to Get Rid of Ads on OPPO Phones that Suddenly AppearTo be able to get rid of ads on HP Oppo you need to do a number of easy ways that must be done. Start by using the application to additional settings so that the ad disappears.

This time Projectino.com there will be various interesting information about how to remove ads on OPPO cellphones. You OPPO cellphone users must know this method so you can apply it correctly.

1.Use UCbrowser

How to Remove Ads on OPPO MobileThe first step when you encounter many advertisements that appear on the Oppo HP browser menu is to use the uc browser application. Where this browser application will automatically block ads that are considered annoying.

So by using UCbrowser it will eliminate annoying blog ads. Well, before that you had to first activate the adblock menu in the Uc Browser.

  1. Open, please UC Browser application which is already installed.
  2. Continue to open the menu Settings the one with the gear icon.
  3. After that, please select the menu Add Ons.
  4. Please select a menu AdBlock.
  5. Then you can activate the feature Ad Blockers as well as Powerful Ad Blocker.

If it has been activated, your Oppo cellphone will automatically block ads when using the UCbrowser browser. This option can be used if you are an Oppo HP user who often encounters a search browser with lots of annoying advertisements.

2. Use the ADGuard Application

Next is to use the adguard application which is an antivirus application. This application is an antivirus application that is ready to scan the cellphone if there are problematic applications that contain advertisements.

Please download the Adguard application on your Oppo cellphone, then let the cellphone scan for cellphones. Later, if there are problems with the scan, the application will immediately address and ask the user to delete the application.

3. Change Google Chrome Settings

Remove Ads on OPPO MobileThe next step is to change the settings in Google Chrome. You can change the Google Chrome Browser App settings to get rid of annoying ads.

Where Google Chrome itself has a feature to block annoying ads. So you are required to activate this menu if you encounter annoying advertisements on an Oppo cellphone.

  1. Open browser Google Chrome on HP Oppo.
  2. On the main menu tap point three at the top right.
  3. Please select a menu settings or settings.
  4. Continue scrolling down and select Site Settings.
  5. Then choose Popups and Redirects.
  6. Proceed with turning it off popup feature the.
  7. If you have returned to the Site Settings menu then select Java Script.
  8. On menus Java Script please deactivate it

So, you can activate this method in the Google Chrome application that is currently on your cellphone. In this way, you can get rid of ads on HP Vivo. Annoying ads in the Chrome browser itself have been removed when using Google Chrome.

4. Turn off Ads Personalization on Google

Ads that usually appear on Oppo cellphones are advertisements from Google and its flock. You can disable it through the personalization menu in Google Ads by accessing the Google menu in the settings section.

  1. Please open the menu Arrangement on Oppo devices.
  2. Enter the menu options Google.
  3. Continue to select options Ads or Ads.
  4. After that, the user will enter the Ads menu view.
  5. Please activate the option Opt out of Ads Personalization.
  6. Done.

In this way you can disable annoying ads on your Oppo cellphone. This one method can be easily disabled in the settings menu on your Oppo cellphone.

5. Delete the Application

PROJECTINOThe next option is to delete unknown applications. Please proceed on your OPPO cellphone, maybe there is an application that is not recognized and needs to be removed because the application raises advertisements that appear on your Oppo cellphone.

Please delete or uninstall the unknown application from the Oppo cellphone. Where the application is usually a malware application that contains a virus and makes the cellphone display ads randomly.


So that’s how to get rid of ads on OPPO cellphones without an application that you can practice. Where all the methods above are the most effective ways to get rid of ads on HP Oppo by using an application or the settings menu.

All of the above methods can be applied using the existing system on the HP oppo or using an application. Find out more about “How to Get Free Fonts on HP Vivo” on a previous review from projektino.