5 Ways to Make Money in Canva based on a Designer’s Experience

How to earn money on Canva

Some designers who are active in Canva, once told me that not only by selling templates to earn money from the Canva application, but there are many things we can do to make money in this application.

The statements of the designers, to me, are very interesting. Because I’m curious about how to make money on Canva other than selling templates. And I got that curiosity a few days ago. So, I am interested in pouring all of those ways through this blog.

Before discussing in more detail about the Canva application, please also see how to make money through the PicsArt application that I wrote on this blog last week. That way, you will earnings through two applications at once; PicsArt as well as Canva.

Good. Let me start..

What is the Canva app?

From my understanding, Canva is an online application for creating banners, graphic art, designs, editing, and the like. I’ve been maximizing this app for a long time because it offers it for free. As for Canva premium, to pay for it or to access it is only 10 dollars per month.


the most ethical thing is actually using Canva premium to get a lot of money on this apk. In other words, you have to be a premium customer or customer of Canva first. Only then will your Canva account be easier to monetize. However, you can use Canva, which is free. As long as you are an expert in marketing services or promoting your business through this application.

So, apart from selling templates, what are the most unique ways to earn money in the Canva app? Here’s the full explanation below.

style="text-align: left;">How to earn money on Canva

1. Design your invitation in Canva, then print it!

Based on the experience of a designer who is active in Canva, let’s say a close friend of mine, he often earns a lot of money by designing wedding invitations or proposals. After making the design, he prints the design. Thus, the income earned is doubled.


can it be like that?

Yes obviously! First, he designed first, let’s say open a design service. Second, also open an invitation printing service. So, the income is doubled.

Well, you too please imitate this first method. Say you open an invitation printing service. Then, edit the invitation through the Canva app. The result, I guarantee, will be good. Especially if you use Canva premium.

Just imagine that people who want to get married have an innate desire for instant. Don’t want to be bothered. So, just maximize this first method. You can start by promoting yourself on social media. As simple as that.

2. Open the packaging design in Canva

If the first method was about opening a wedding invitation design service, now it’s different again, namely for the packaging of goods.


you’re not tired, you can also open this service. Because, now there are many people who open businesses online or offline, but they are not very good at making packaging designs. They often search the internet for ways to make product packaging designs.

Now, to give a solution so that they don’t get confused or bother looking for it on the internet, it’s only through your services. You make a special design website. Whether it’s the invitation design or the packaging design, then optimize your website well to make it big. Gradually, your website will get a lot of orders.

And keep in mind that, with only one platform, Canva, you can make money in a variety of ways. Cool, right?

3. Become a freelance designer on several websites where there are job vacancies, then return to Canva as the main foundation

Prepare a CV or portfolio, again if you expert and already understand the features in Canva, then it will be easy too.

Then after you have prepared your CV/Portfolio, please submit it on job vacancies websites, look for a special website to find freelancers. It’s been used by Canva designers a lot. And the thing you need to do is imitate how they work.


third method is not very effective, but it could be an advantage for you if you get an order. So, just put the testimonial on the locker site.

4. Become a contributor on Canva

If you don’t want to be tired of looking for locker websites, the solution is in the Canva app itself.

Premium Canva users will be given space to become contributors. You will get rupiah coffers easily because buyers will look for good designs in this application.

Who knows if your design is good, they will point you or have an interest in the results of the designs you make. Please just access the contributor-only landing page, then log in directly to Canva premium.

5. Join the affiliate program on Canva

Quoting from the official Canva account, they convey information that by joining the affiliate program, you will start earning right away.

The process is very easy. This is simply what I caught:

  1. Register yourself as an affiliate
  2. Promote Canva pro
  3. Start earning money there

Believe it or not, you will get 36 dollars if someone joins through your affiliate link. I think by just doing that, it’s fairly easy and the money given is quite large.

So, just get started!

Maybe that’s the only way to make money in Canva. Feel free to experiment on your own.