5 Ways to Overcome Xiaomi Cellphones Continuously Restarting To Normal

There are many obstacles that we may often face when using an Android cellphone. One of them is on Xiaomi cellphones which often experience restarts themselves, where the How to Overcome Xiaomi Cellphones Continuously Restarting itself is actually quite easy.

Phones that have restarted on their own are usually suspected of having some damage. Starting from damage to the cellphone hardware itself to damage to the cellphone software caused by a BUG.

So, you are a Xiaomi cellphone user who is having problems with your cellphone restarting itself, you can solve it in several ways. But it would be nice to check first what causes the cellphone to restart itself.

Damage to an Android phone caused by a continuous restart of the cellphone can be overcome in several ways. Well, there are a number of steps you can take to deal with cellphones that have problems restarting frequently.

As well as How to Eliminate BUGs on Xiaomi MIUI 13 which has been previously reviewed. Where you Xiaomi users can do a number of ways that are quite effective to overcome obstacles on Xiaomi cellphones.

How to Overcome Xiaomi Cellphones Continuously RestartingThere are several choices of options that you can do to be able to deal with a Xiaomi cellphone that has restarted. The existing method you can also do by checking the Physical on the power button. Because there is a possibility that a broken power button makes the cellphone restart continuously.

Well, this time Projectino I’m going to share interesting information about how to deal with Xiaomi cellphones constantly restarting. Before Bootloop occurs, you are a Xiaomi user, you must understand how to deal with XP, which keeps restarting.

1. Physical Check the Power Button

The first step when you encounter a Xiaomi cellphone having problems often restarting itself is to check the physical buttons. Please check the physical buttons on your Xiaomi cellphone, maybe the button is broken or maybe it keeps pressing so that the cellphone often restarts.

Well, if this happens, then immediately make repairs, where you can make some repairs by gouging it out. If it’s true that the power button is damaged, this could be a strong reason why the cellphone always restarts continuously.

2. Clear Cache

How to Overcome Xiaomi Cellphones Continuously Restarting To Be NormalThe second step is to delete the cache on the Xiaomi cellphone, it could be the cache that makes the cellphone restart continuously. Where the cache that is not deleted might make the cellphone often restart itself.

So, if this happens, then you Mi fans are obliged to delete the cache on the Xiaomi cellphone. For how to delete the cache on your own Xiaomi cellphone, you can follow the following easy steps.

  1. Open the Security application / Security
  2. Select the Cleaner menu
  3. Then select clean
  4. Wait until the process is complete

So that’s the way to be able to clear cache on Xiaomi cellphones that you can apply. Where these steps can be applied to all Xiaomi cellphones, both old and new types, can use the same method.

3. Out of Memory

Next, you also need to know that running out of memory might cause the cellphone to restart continuously. In addition, running out of memory on an Android phone will also make its performance increasingly hampered.

If this is true, then you should immediately check the internal memory or free space of the cellphone. Make sure that the free space on your internal memory is more than enough for new applications or files that you want to install.

4. Factory Reset

Reset Xiaomi All Types

The sure step is to reset, where you can apply this solution if your cellphone always restarts itself. Please first backup all the data on your cellphone.

Doing a factory reset is the same as making the cellphone return to its initial settings. So make sure your cellphone is ready by backing up the data first.

  1. Go to menu Xiaomi mobile settings.
  2. Continue selecting the menu Additional Settings on menus.
  3. Then proceed again to select the menu Backup and Reset.
  4. Tap again on the menu Factory Reset on that menu.
  5. Then you can click Reset Phone on that menu.
  6. To confirm, please select Delete/Remove.
  7. Next, the cellphone will reset the data up to bootwait for a few minutes.
  8. If the process is complete, the cellphone will automatically return to factory settings.

Apart from this, Xiaomi users can also do a factory reset using the power button. So, you can use these options if you really want to do a factory reset using the methods above.

5. Restart

Well, an option that is no less easy is to restart where this option is the easiest option to apply. By restarting you can return the cellphone to return to its function.

Some bugs in the application or system will also make the cellphone experience a refresh again. So, these options will make your cellphone return to the system that will be refreshed by the Android system.


So that’s a few easy steps that you as an Android Xiaomi user can apply. The method is almost the same as How to Overcome Xiaomi Bootloop can’t enter recovery which also requires almost the same steps.

Of all the methods above, you can choose which method can make the cellphone return without restarting. Also know about tutorials How to Screenshot Oppo A37 on the previous review.