5 Ways to Store Breast Milk Correctly After Pumping, the Container Don’t Be Too Full

Jakarta – Storing breast milk properly after pumping is very important for breastfeeding mothers. Let’s learn how to keep breast milk of high quality and keep breast milk maximum.

According to Jenny Thomas, MD, IBCLC, a breastfeeding consultant, the fresher the breast milk, the better nutrition it will give to babies. However, if it is not possible to give directly, refrigerating will not change the components of breast milk in the same way as freezing breast milk.

“But breast milk should not be refrigerated or refrozen after the milk has warmed to room temperature,” he said as quoted from the page The Bumps.

Thomat says there are some of the best breast milk storage options for breastfeeding. Here are some of them:

1. Store breast milk in a tight place

Mothers should choose a container that has a tight lid such as a screw-top bottle or a hard plastic cup with a tight lid because the breast milk bag can break.

2. Cooler bag

Then, if you need to keep it in a bag during the trip, use a cooler bag with a thick layer and given it ice pax so that breast milk is not easily exhausted due to exposure to hot temperatures.

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3. Give a little space in the breast milk bag

And, the most important thing to do is remember that milk expands when it freezes. So, be sure to allow a little extra space when closing the bag or bottle of expressed breast milk.

4. Guidelines for storing expressed breast milk according to use

Here are some ways to store breast milk properly after pumping that can be used as a guide, Mother, as quoted from the page womenshealth:

  1. Store milk at room temperature if breast milk will be consumed soon. Breast milk can usually last up to 4 hours after being pumped at room temperature.
  2. Refrigerate immediately if breast milk is not used immediately. At the temperature in the refrigerator it can last up to 4 days, Mom.
  3. Put the milk in the freezer if you don’t want to use it for a long time. Freezing breast milk can make expressed breast milk last longer, Mother.

Click on the next page, Mother, for a more complete guide to storing breast milk.

Mother, also see how to warm expressed breast milk in the video below:

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