5 Ways to Turn on a Totally Dead OPPO Cellphone Built-in Battery

How to turn on a dead OPPO cellphone with a total dead battery

How to turn on an OPPO cellphone that is totally dead with a built-in battery? There are several ways that can be applied. OPPO cellphone users themselves can apply this method quite easily using OPPO cellphone features.

There is no need to doubt the popularity of HP Oppo in Indonesia. Where OPPO cellphones are one of the very popular cellphone brands. With this, it’s no wonder that we encounter many Oppo brands on the market.

As for electronic goods or whatever, there will definitely be problems. Likewise oppo cellphones which might experience some problems. As well as MATOT (Total Dead) that can happen without a reason alias suddenly.

Cellphones that die completely by themselves can be caused by many different things. However, what often happens is a cellphone that has hardware damage. Call it because the cellphone fell into the water and other things.

When we find a totally dead cellphone as an Android cellphone user, of course we will panic. What’s more, there is a lot of important data that we store, of course, we will panic more when we find a cellphone that suddenly turns off completely. If this is happening to your oppo cellphone then don’t worry. There are several ways that Projektino recommends to be able to restore a dead cell phone.

How to turn on a dead OPPO cellphone with a total dead batteryWhen we encounter a cellphone that is totally dead, it would be nice for us to check first about the cause of the cellphone that is totally dead. Please look for the cause, such as water entering or maybe overheating so that it shuts down.

If you already know the cause then outsmart it in a way that seems most appropriate. Almost the same Repair HP Vivo Total Dead for the steps to fix a dead oppo cellphone that is no less easy. Here are some ways you can apply it.

Causes of Total Dead Cellphones

As previously stated by Projectino, it would be nice to know the cause of the total death of the cellphone. Every cause of a cell phone to experience total death, of course, the way to handle it is different and cannot be the same.

By knowing the cause of the total death of the cellphone, it will be easier to fix it. So, here are some of the causes for an Oppo android phone that has totally died before deciding to fix it.

  • HP Oppo overheat (too hot)
  • The HP Oppo instilled battery is damaged.
  • There was physical damage to the HP Oppo, such as the result of a fall.
  • Users incorrectly install applications that make the phone turn off.
  • HP Oppo experienced an error during repair.
  • Water entry.
  • There is a HP Oppo virus.

All of the points above are mandatory for users to know in advance because different causes will also differ in how to handle them. The point is that the cellphone is completely dead itself, there are two things, namely damage to the hardware and software itself. If the hardware is damaged, service or part replacement is required. Meanwhile, when there is damage to the software, it will be easier to handle it.

1. Oppo Warranty Claims

How to Turn on the HP OPPO MATOTIf you find a totally dead cell phone still within the warranty period, then you should just make a warranty claim. Please CHECK OPPO WARRANTY first to make sure your cellphone is within the warranty period.

But make sure that the damaged Oppo HP is not caused by human error. Human errors such as cellphones falling to make them completely dead or cellphones exposed to water.

If the check is still within the warranty period, it would be nice to make a warranty claim first. But if it’s past the warranty period, you can try to fix it yourself first.

2. HP charger

Sometimes we panic too much when we find a cellphone that suddenly turns off completely (Matot). Actually you don’t need to panic because you can immediately do a test by charging the dead cellphone.

If the cellphone can be charged when it enters a dead state, then you don’t need to panic. Please fill the cellphone until it is full then turn on the cellphone again as usual using the power button.

When this incident repeats, you should suspect that the cellphone battery is damaged or lowbet. Please replace the battery if your cellphone is experiencing the same problem.

3. Connect to PC / Computer

Please try to connect the Oppo cellphone to the computer using a data cable in a totally dead condition. This method can be applied using a computer, PC or laptop as well as the help of a good data cable.

If there is no significant damage, the cellphone will turn back on and make a response. If the cellphone returns to respond, please try charging as usual using the charger. Next, please turn it back on with the power button.

4. Remove SIM Card

Sometimes there is a network problem error and it is directly related to the SIM Card. You can try to remove the SIM card on your Android phone.

Once removed, please charge the cellphone or immediately turn on the cellphone. Sometimes the SIM card error also makes the cellphone turn off, you can check this way besides checking whether the SIM card is damaged or not.

5. Go to the Service Center

Damage to cellphones that cause cellphones to die completely is indeed quite difficult for ordinary users. You can do the service if indeed all the previous methods still fail. Please go to the nearest Oppo service center to make repairs.

If you are new to Android phones, it is highly not recommended to disassemble it yourself. For cell phone service costs that are dead, they usually vary, but if the damage is minor, you don’t need to worry because the costs are still affordable.


How to turn on a totally dead cellphone without the power button can also be done for all OPPO cellphones. The method above, please apply it to the Oppo cellphone that you currently have.

Damage to a totally dead cellphone is very common in old cellphones, due to the intensity of use that is too long. Hopefully the information this time can be useful and also know about tutorials Ways to Keep iPhone Storage Not Full on the previous review.