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ipadguides.id- Hello, Zone Friends! Wow, I can’t believe the end of the holiday is in sight. Come on, let’s restore brain immunity by reading books, it really happens that Mimin has 5 sites to download books of various formats for free.

Books are indeed a source of knowledge, but sometimes because they are carried away with the times, many young people do not like to read books offline. That’s why Mimin has an online book recommendation. Instead of being curious, let’s just look at the following interesting reviews!

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Project Gutenberg

Illustration of Project Gutenberg (Photo: Catatnseorangteguh)

This site is one of the most complete sites and is much sought after by students. This project was initiated by Michael Hart, who started collecting books since 1971. Project Gutenberg alone has about 49,000 book titles, which you can access and download.

The books provided are also of various kinds, such as Literature, Fables, History, to Science. Some of these books have the production rights entered into the public domain. If you like books like classic novels, then this is the place. Zone friends can access it via the following link http://www.gutenberg.org/.

Aceh Books

Illustration Aceh Books (Photo: Pinterest)

From the name, you must be able to shoot Zone Buddy that this book is still related to the Aceh area. Yes, this site is dedicated to Aceh. After the tsunami tragedy in 2004, hundreds of thousands of books in Aceh’s libraries were damaged and even destroyed.

Therefore, KITLV in Leiden took the initiative to digitize these important books. Until now, there are around 1200 book titles available. The books are provided in 5 languages, including Indonesian, Acehnese, English, Dutch, and several other European languages.

These books date back to the 17th century. The books in the library are mostly about Snouck Hurgronje’s advice. To know more about this site http://www.acehbooks.org/ please buddy Zone access the site.


Private Documents Owned by Toma Zone Students

If you are a lover of literature, then this site is perfect for you. This site contains works of world literature, such as those of Dumas, Mark Twain, Allan Poe, Leo Tolstoy, and many other great works. You can access thousands of books from the world’s leading writers here.

This site is different from other sites, you don’t need to download in pdf or kindle format. However, this site is very easy to access because the presentation is only in the form of text so it doesn’t take up much internet quota. To access the site, you can enter through this account http://literature.org.

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Illustration of Feedbooks (Photo: Feedbooks)

Feedbooks is a site that provides thousands of books from various genres and scientific disciplines. Starting from religion to history, you can download all the books on this site for free and can also be read without internet quota.

The majority of the books on Feedbooks have entered the public domain. Zone friends can visit their website at http://www.feedbooks.com/publicdomain.

Internet Archive

illustration of the Internet Archive ( Photo: Everyday)

The last site is the Internet Archive. This site has provided more than 8 million documents that are free to access and download in any form. this number continues to grow every day, and of course you can access it for free. Not only books, the Internet Archive also has ambitions to document and archive all artifacts of human culture. The link to the site can be accessed here https://archive.org/details/texts.

5 Websites to Download Books in Various Formats for Free

Friend Zone, that was 5 website sites to download books of various types of formats that you want.

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