6 Best Free and Paid Online Store Themes

To make it easier to create an online store, you certainly need a special WordPress woocommerce theme. These wordpress templates will help you customize your online store much better.

When choosing a wordpress theme, you should choose a wordpress template that is fast and SEO friendly. For ecommerce templates, make sure the template supports WooCommerce which is a special plugin for online stores,

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So, this article will provide recommendations for WooCommerce WordPress themes. So, here are recommendations for the best online shop templates that are fast and SEO Friendly.

1. OceanWP

Online Store Theme
OceanWP Theme

OceanWP is one of the best online store themes that allows you to create your own online store more easily. This theme is designed specifically for e-commerce. Starting from the features and performance, it is very suitable.


well-optimized and SEO-friendly theme makes this theme liked by many people. So, here are some of the features available on the OceanWP theme:

  • Support & Ready WooCommerce
  • Fast Page Load
  • SEO Friendly
  • Responsive
  • Native cart popup and floating add-to-cart bar
  • Quick view of products without leaving the page
  • Friendly Page Builder, lots of extensions
  • Demo Ready to Import

This is a free online store template that you can use. Even though it’s free, this template is very powerful for your woocommerce website.


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2. Hurry up

Online Store Theme
Lakoo Theme

If you are looking for an online store template made by an Indonesian developer, then Quick Lakoo is the solution. Fastlakoo is an ecommerce template for WordPress + WooCommerce with a lot of features.

The features contained in Fastlakoo are specifically designed to help e-commerce activists, to make it easier to build an online store that really helps in selling and of course in increasing sales conversions.

  • Responsive
  • SEO Friendly
  • Simple Checkout Page & Sidebar Cart Panel
  • Notifications & Automatic Follow Up Via WhatsApp and SMS
  • Local Expedition Automated Postage Calculation & Unique Payment Code
  • Track Order & Payment Confirm Button
  • Buy via WhatsApp & Sticky Button
  • Support Page Builder

There are so many features that are very helpful in the online sales process. The automatic shipping calculation feature is very important. You no longer need to manually calculate shipping costs. This theme is a paid theme, so to use it you have to buy it first.


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3. Astra

Online Store Template
Astra theme

Astra is a multipurpose theme or you can say a theme that can be used for anything, one of which is for the woocommerce website. This template is a responsive template and has fast page loading.

Astra is a theme known for its speed with each theme and the features available. With these various features, this theme is a multipurpose theme. So, here are some of the features available in the Astra Theme:

  • Support and Ready WooCommerce
  • The template is very fast and SEO Friendly
  • Easy theme customization
  • Drop-down cart feature & Check out quantity option
  • Off-canvas sidebars better UX
  • Demo ready to import

Astra is a free theme, but to use many of the available features you have to buy the premium version. The premium version allows you to directly import the available demos and many other features.


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4. GeneratePress

Online Store Template
GeneratePress Theme

GeneratePress is one of the best free ecommerce themes that helps you to build an online store easily and maximally. This theme is famous for being light and fast and has excellent performance.

Here are some of the features contained in the page theme generate press:

  • Light and fast
  • JavaScript instead of jQuery
  • Validated HTML and built-in schema
  • SEO friendly
  • Support Page Builder
  • Full layout control
  • For the sake of import ready

Generatepress is a free theme, but to use its various features such as import demo, customization, etc. you have to buy the premium version.

Demo | Download Theme

5. ShopIsle

Ecommerce Theme
Shopisle Theme

Shopisle is a friendly and lightweight online shop template. With a view that is quite simple and responsive, this template is one of the best. By using this theme you can more easily build e-commerce because there are direct customization features.

ShopIsle is the right choice for those of you who want to build a woocommerce website more easily and quickly. So, here are some features of the Shopisle theme:

  • Optimized SourceCode, Fast Website Loading
  • Live customizer, page builder friendly
  • SEO friendly
  • Translation and RTL ready
  • no need to code in building an online store website
  • Import Demo

ShopIsle itself is available in a free version and a pro or paid version, you are free to use the free version or the paid version. However, to build a maximum online store website, you must use the paid version.

Demo | Download Theme

6. Storefront

Ecommerce Theme
Storefront theme

Storefront is a free online store theme that is specially designed for woocommerce websites. This template is very intuitive and flexible, which allows it to be integrated with woocommerce plugins.

  • Perfect integration with WooCommerce
  • Responsive Page
  • Flexible pliers grid system
  • Clean, simple and customizable
  • Built with valid schema markup to improve SEO
  • Easy Customization

This theme is completely free, but to increase the features you have to buy the bundle extension. With the various extensions you get, it makes your online store website more functional.

Demo | Download Theme

Those are some of the best free online store theme recommendations that you can use, you can use the woocommerce template to build your e-commerce easier.

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