6 Complete Motorcycle Spare Parts Wholesale Center in Bandung

6 Complete Motorcycle Spare Parts Wholesale Center in Bandung

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Most of us probably already know that Bandung is one of the big cities in Indonesia. Besides being known for being a big city, the city is famous for its tourist attractions there, ranging from culinary delights, shopping places, to natural attractions. Also famous for its modifications, where many motorcycles and cars in Bandung are able to win various modification events at the national level.

Thus it is proof that the people of Bandung are very enthusiastic in the automotive world. There is also famous for the establishment of a cool modification workshop. No wonder when I modified the Mio M3 motorbike, the spare parts I found online were mostly from Bandung. After I asked around, it turns out that there are indeed many buyers from outside the city who take vehicle spare parts from Bandung.

As a reference, now we can choose several well-known motorcycle spare parts wholesale centers in the city of Bandung. Maybe this is the best choice as a cheap motorcycle spare parts wholesaler for your continued business to get more. Listen to the end, my friend.


B2K CUSTOM (Iron Bike Modification) is one of the most popular modification workshops as well as a wholesale center for motorcycle spare parts in Bandung. This workshop is located on Jalan Sariwangi 49 Sarijadi, Bandung. The telephone number we can call is 022-20055737 or 022-70055559.

2. Radius Automotive Racing Team

Next is a workshop as well as a very famous spare part distributor in Bandung called Radius Automative Racing Team. For its location, it is on Jl. Canal Buah Batu no 44 Bandung. The owner of the workshop is Adi / Adoy (Owner Radius) who can be contacted at 0813-2074-0003.

3. Radius Speed ​​/ Sport

No less than the previous place, there is a workshop as well as a motorcycle parts wholesale center in Bandung called Radius Laju Speed ​​/ Sport which is ready to complete automotive needs. The workshop as well as the wholesale center for spare parts is located on Jl Cijagra 13 Buahbatu Bandung.

4. Yonk Jaya Motor

Next, there is Yonk Jaya Motor, this is a well-known spare parts wholesale center in Bandung. If you want to go there the place is on Jl. A Yani no 69b, Cicadas Bandung which is not far from the bustling center of Bandung.

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5. Yonk Semar

It is also one of the most popular motorcycle spare parts wholesale centers in Bandung. For those of you who are interested in visiting there, the place is on Jl. Semar (Pajajaran) across IP.

6. Facoel Motor Spare Part Shop

For those of you who are looking for Car Spare Parts Shops, Auto Parts Shops, Auto Parts Shops in Bandung. Then the answer is at the Facoel Motor Spare Part Shop.

Address : Center for Kiosk Variations and Parts No. 28, Jl. Raya Alternative Cibubur, Babakan Ciamis, Kec. Bandung Well, Bandung City, West Java 16451

So, those are some of the famous spare parts wholesalers in the city of Bandung. Of course, there are many other places, but we took the ones that are well known in Indonesia. Hopefully this is useful information for those of you who are looking for a wholesale center or for your own needs.


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