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Reading the blogs below seemed to take me along in his adventure.

That’s why I feel at home immersed in their ink for a long time. Here are my favorite Indonesian travel bloggers. Add them to your bookmarks!

This blog is about a doctor from Makassar who devotes himself to Malawi, one of the poorest countries on the black continent of Africa.

Mas Husni’s writing tells about his experience working there. Starting from treating malnourished patients to HIV, about their hopes, or about his story of looking for a mosque because he was the only Muslim there.

He is a great storyteller. His writings are witty, melancholy but contemplative, full of emotion, and may well wet our eyes.

A good travel writing happens when something human is recorded. And Mas Husni did very well.

This girl from Jogja has a journal with the same writing as the person, very sweet.

He has the ability to pay attention to the small details in his journey, and find happiness from there.

Currently he is devoting himself to be a young teacher on a small island between Java and Kalimantan. I’m waiting for your great stories, kin!

*Duh, honey, now someone else has it #eh

The writing on the hyfatlobrain is interesting, they offer travel experience. Not where t informationoh, how toand what to.

With a different point of view in general, and the writing is quite witty, I highly recommend this blog.

Uncle Farchan, who works as a tax employee on a daily basis, has a light but critical writing. An interesting part of his blog is interviews with unique travelers.

Do you know the city of Lasem which is full of history? Om Farchan writes a free e-book that can be downloaded on his blog.

This blog of Ms. Dina and Mr. Ryan is the most enviable. How come? Over the years, this husband and wife have become nomadic. Does not have a fixed address.

The couple, who has traveled around 40 countries in the world, has enough to keep all the necessities of life in their respective backpacks. How unbelieveable is that?!

What’s funny about Ms. Dina is that when she speaks English, she still has a Suroboyo accent. Hehe, peace mba 😀

Adis’s blog, maybe the author is insane. The writing is a bit silly, but funny and entertaining.

The writer who named himself a bummed backpacker already has two travel comedy books that are just as weird as his blog.

Don’t be too serious about reading Adis’ posts, you might go crazy later haha.


There! Those are my favorite bloggers. Who is your favorite travel blogger? Just share in the comments!

Actually there are still many, but will be continued in the next post. Meanwhile, other Indonesian travel bloggers can be seen on their friends’ pages.


*just kidding 😀

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