6 Inspirations for a Side Alley Garden to Optimize Empty Land in Your Home

Some of us may be more focused on beautifying the appearance of the front page of the house than the side page. Side pages tend to have limited space and are difficult to develop, so they tend to be left as they are.

Even though whatever the size, you can optimize the vacant land next to the house. You can make it a beautiful side aisle garden. That way, the area next to the house no longer looks so scary at night. Need inspiration, see the review of 6 Side Alley Garden Ideas to Optimize Vacant Land.

1. Home Border Wall Optimization

Have a side yard in the form of a small hallway? You can make it into a beautiful garden like this. The garden land is intentionally covered with grass and paths, so that the soil does not become muddy. The dividing wall of the house is also well optimized for installing garden features, such as relief walls and garden lights. This garden is more beautiful with cordyline plants that are specially placed in a box with a distribution of white coral in it.

2. Aisle Park as an Outdoor Lounge

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You can cover the side yard with a tiled floor like this. The side yard of the house will also be a part of the house building. Various plants can be arranged around the yard, which gives a fresh garden-like atmosphere in general. Place a set of teak wood benches and tables that are suitable for outdoor sitting areas. This area is also shaded by a polycarbonate canopy to protect from rain and/or excessive sun.

3. Side Alley Park as a Smart Park


side yard is quite spacious, it can also be used as a smart garden for the family. In this area, families can spend time together without having to leave the house. You can make it a fun camping spot with your little one. The side fence with vines and grass is enough to give a natural feel that is suitable for camping (even at home).


Side Alley Garden with Fish Pond

The side yard of this house is at least 10×3 M in size. This area is used well as an open garden to realize the homeowner’s hobby. From the hobby of caring for plants, the hobby of caring for ornamental birds and the hobby of keeping ornamental fish. The existence of a fish pond doubles the freshness of this alley garden. Moreover, the ground was deliberately covered with small coral stones to provide a more natural visual.

5. Side aisle is a beautiful access

Unmaintained side yard, very easy for animals or insects to live in. For that, you need to take good care of the side yard. For example, making a path surrounded by coral. This alley garden is also used as access to the backyard. Added some plants along the walls so that the hallway does not look gloomy or arid.


Lorong Garden with Beautiful Side Terrace

This side yard also has a side terrace. The arrangement of the garden features is so neat, making this side yard look very charming. Added a path to get to the side terrace, so it doesn’t look empty. In the patio area itself, a set of patio chairs with soft cushions fits perfectly in the middle of the terrace. Make the terrace the best spot to chat while enjoying your favorite tea.

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