6 Javanese Krama Dictionary Applications for Android

6 Javanese Krama Dictionary Applications for Android

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In our opinion, learning anything that is most effective must have a teacher, including learning the language. If you have studied or are currently studying, for example the Java language, which you already know in depth, sometimes we forget certain words that you have studied. That’s a natural thing, in order to quickly open the memory, open a dictionary, one of the main solutions.

If you don’t always carry a Javanese dictionary with you, your Android phone will definitely not get out of hand, right? If we look, there are many language dictionary applications that can be used on the Google Play Store such as German, English, Japanese and many more including Javanese.

The developers at the Google Play Store provide a Java language dictionary application with a variety of different designs and features. Here are some complete Javanese dictionaries, just recommendations for you.

1. My Dictionary: Javanese (Indonesian)

Kamusku: Jawa is a digital Indonesian – Javanese dictionary application, with this you can do it offline. This application contains data for words in Indonesian which can be translated into Javanese Krama and vice versa. This application prioritizes ease and speed in accessing and translating the words you are looking for. Enjoy this application to help you learn Javanese and remember what you have forgotten

Download My Dictionary: Java via Play Store

2. Java Translator

6 Javanese Krama Dictionary Applications for Android

An online translation service from Indonesian to Javanese and vice versa with Javanese uploads.

The supported languages ​​include: Indonesian, Ngoko Javanese, Jwa Krama, Javanese Krama Inggil, plus Sundanese which is still under development.
With this application you can translate Javanese Ngoko to Krama online, immediately install the application, just search for it on the Google Play Store.

3. Pepak Learn Javanese

If you want to learn Javanese and its meaning, this application will be able to find various vocabulary in each level. Pepak Learn Javanese resembling a dictionary that is useful for finding vocabulary in Javanese and Indonesian.

What makes it different from other Jaw translators is that at the bottom there is a list of vocabularies that are sorted alphabetically, so that without typing, users will find it easier to find in Javanese.

4. Javanese Dictionary

6 Javanese Krama Dictionary Applications for Android

This offline Javanese dictionary also makes it easier for us to find Javanese to Indonesian vocabulary and vice versa without the need for an internet network. This dictionary application also does not take up much space on the Android phone memory, the application is quite complete and can be used without an internet connection. You can do a word search from Java to Indonesia or vice versa.

5. Javanese Dictionary

A dictionary that has a noble purpose, this application is made by Malika inc. With the aim of helping people to learn and better understand the Javanese language.

The features are quite complete and interesting because if you want to translate a sentence, you don’t need to translate it word by word, you can directly enter the entire sentence for translation. With a simple appearance and a good color combination makes it pleasing to the eye, not boring and easy to use.

6. Google Translate

It turns out that we can use not only a special translator for Javanese language, an international translator can also be used to support translations from Indonesian to Javanese and vice versa.

Google Translate has the advantage of translating in 103 languages ​​online and 59 languages ​​offline. Can take text from a book and then translate it automatically according to the translation destination. A conversation mode feature that allows us to directly talk to strangers using Google Translate easily.

Ok buddy, maybe that’s all about the recommended Javanese dictionary application for use in real life everyday only with Android phones. Hopefully useful, don’t forget to share with friends via social media networks.

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