6 Minimalist Kitchen Designs Integrate with the Dining Room in a Small House

Your house is small but want to look more ideal? In addition to the layout of the room and furniture that must be considered in dealing with the size of a narrow house, you can also unite two functions into one element of the same field. Like two rooms that can be used as one in one area, namely combining the kitchen and dining room. This method can save space and is certainly more spacious and comfortable for activities. Interested for inspiration? Just take a look at the following reviews!

Minimalist kitchen inspiration blends with the dining room with shades of blue

Neutral colors wrapped in soft colors can make 2 functions of space in one area element that are not too wide more spacious and comfortable. For example, white, cream, brown on wood and blue on kitchen sets that look varied. If you want to highlight a more colorful appearance, on the backplash you can add artistic ceramic tiles or patterned wallpaper, so the room will look more stunning thanks to very beautiful decorative accents.

Minimalist kitchen inspiration blends with the pink color dining room


the design of your kitchen set able to adapt to your daily needs, both for cooking or eating meals and for gathering with relatives. Designing a kitchen set and island table with the size to adjust the space is very epic for you to try at home. A multifunctional island table can be useful other than as a dining room, but also as a kitchen divider with other rooms. The choice of colors can also be enhanced, such as shabby pink and neutral white which results in the appearance of 2 functions of space that blend into a sweeter and more contemporary look.


kitchen inspiration blends with the modern gray cabinet dining room

The masculine and elegant impression is the first impression when you see the design of the dining room and kitchen that are integrated in this picture. A mini bar or dining room that is designed at the same time as a kitchen set is able to save space more perfectly. The kitchen set is made of glossy metal material that appears from black granite, making the space more modern, just like a kitchen design in an apartment or luxury villa. The color combination is also very aesthetic, black, silver, blue and yellow which stand out to produce accents that are different from the others.


kitchen inspiration blends with the dining room in white shades, a combination of wood materials

The minimalist kitchen design blends with the dining room in this tiny house adopting a contemporary vintage style that many people are interested in. Because the concept of space that emphasizes the atmosphere is cleaner, unique, and natural because of the material and finishing. The location of the dining room which uses wood as a whole will not prevent the cooking space from being narrower, instead the dominant white pallet makes the atmosphere more spacious and looks clean.


kitchen inspiration blends with the transparent glass table dining room

In contrast to this design, it gives rise to a modern minimalist style due to the selection of furniture that is slimmer and transparent, in order to make space more space-saving and provide a freer dimension of space. You can try using white as the main color and the concept of open space at home, dining room furniture such as stools with rectangular tables made of transparent glass are able to balance a very minimalist kitchen theme.

Source: designrumahpedia.com

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