6 Popular Tourist Destinations in Situbondo that are Very Interesting to Visit

6 Popular Tourist Destinations in Situbondo that are Very Interesting to Visit

Talking about tourist attractions in East Java, Situbondo is an area that you should visit! Various facilities, facilities, to marketing have been prepared to develop tourism here. So you will not be disappointed if you visit this tourist area in Situbondo.

In this article, I will discuss 6 Hit Tourist Destinations in Situbondo that are Very Interesting to Visit. Curious about anything? Here are the six hit tourist destinations!

1. Blekok Village

The place is in the Coastal Hamlet, Klatakan Village, Kendit District, Situbondo. The Situbondo area has a fairly extensive mangrove forest, accompanied by ardidae water birds that nest in the forest. This is used by the government to create new tourist areas.

tourist hits in Situbondo
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When dusk comes, all the ardida birds, or often called blekok by the local community, begin to return to their nests. By crossing the bridge around the mangrove forest area, you will find a group of Blekok perched on the mangroves. Plus the sunset atmosphere that really feels will add to the attraction of this place.

2. White Sand Beach

Having a long coastline, surely Situbondo has diverse and unique beach tourism at every point of its coast. One of the best known of Situbondo beach is White Sand Beach. You could say this tourist spot is complete with various facilities and adequate facilities. You can swim, boat, dive, fish and play in the sand.

The location is in Kembang Sambi Hamlet, Pasir Putih Village, Bungatan District, Situbondo. From the north coast road we can already see the beauty of the White Sand beach in Situbondo.

3. Rengganis Peak Argopuro

Rengganis Peak Tour Argopuro Situbondo is one of the tourist attractions located in Baderan Village, Situbondo Regency. This place is suitable for those of you who like climbing.
A clean environment and adequate facilities will make you comfortable in this tourist spot.

Rengganis Peak Tour Argopuro Situbondo has a very interesting beauty to visit. Various mystical stories and relics are the main attraction for anyone who wants to visit it.

4. Dead Clothes

dead beach

Located on the border between Banyuwangi and Situbondo, Bajul Mati is one of the tourist attractions that you must visit. The main attraction is a mound of land that resembles the Raja Ampat Islands. Find the right photo spot so your photos will not be much different from the original Raja Ampat in Papua there. The facilities are complete, invite your family and friends to accompany you here.

5. Tamporah Beach

Tamporah Beach is located in Kalianget Hamlet, Banyuglugur Village, Besuki District, Situbondo Regency. This beach is still rarely visited, also rarely anyone knows because it is covered by a fairly high slope. The terrain which is quite difficult to reach makes this beach rarely touched by many people.

However, that’s where it gets interesting. The less visited, the more natural the scenery. The condition of Tamporah Beach is also still clean and its beauty is maintained.

6. Utama Raya Beach

Previously, Utama Raya Beach was only intended for hotel lodging. However, over the years, Utama Raya Beach is open to the public. By only paying for parking, you can enter the beach area.

In terms of facilities, there is no need to doubt, hotels, cafes, mini markets, gas stations to beautiful gardens are also available here. So, do not be surprised if many visitors visit and stay here.

Do you have any idea where to go on vacation? One day is not enough to go around one by one tourist attractions in Situbondo. Its natural attractions are so interesting and beautiful that it will make you addicted to traveling again.

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Those are 6 hit tourist destinations in Situbondo that are very interesting to visit. May be useful!

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