6 Proper Kitchen Window Positions To Make Cooking More Comfortable

When designing a kitchen space, you need to know the proper placement of the kitchen windows. So that the kitchen space is more comfortable, relieved without being stuffy. Because the window is an important element in arranging the interior of the house whose presence should not be missed. Especially if your house is minimalist and will definitely have a small kitchen space.

Therefore, the right window position can determine the kitchen space is more spacious without being stuffy. In addition to being functional to provide fresh air, the presence of a window can also beautify the appearance of the kitchen space. 6 Proper Kitchen Window Positions To Make Cooking More Comfortable You can apply this to make your kitchen more comfortable for activities!

Kitchen with window above the wastefel

One window position kitchen the right one is placed in the area above the sink. Although this can generally be found in some homes, it really helps the freshness of the kitchen space to be more useful. In addition, you can feel the view from outside the house if the area is close to the back garden. There are many types of windows that you can use, either with the windows turned off or the ones that can be opened. This in the same way will help the kitchen space feel fresh and more open.

position of the kitchen window above the sink with a sliding window model

For those of you who have kitchen small with shape L-shapedwindow design in the area sink you can try this. Placement of windows that do not interfere with the placement of the cabinet will instead provide fresh air into the kitchen space. You can try using this sliding window model to make it easier when opening and closing. Why are windows often placed in the area sink?

It was chosen for reasons around stove can be maximized with the use of kitchen cabinets.

The kitchen window between the stove and the kitchen sink is linear

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If you want to maximize space kitchen more efficient and the space is large enough, the use of this linear kitchen model can be the solution. You can place the window position between sink and stove to facilitate relaxing kitchen activities. On the other hand. the window model can be used with a medium-sized square with a sliding model. To block out excessive heat during the day, use semi-transparent curtains to allow intense light to enter.

Replacing windows with roster in the stove . area

Although not using the room window. Area kitchen this is still a relief thanks to the use of the roster as natural lighting. You can place three rosters above stove to help replace bad air circulation when cooking can be alternated. Place the roster with a high enough distance, so that the walls around stove

can be used as backsplash and also display racks.

Small kitchen window in the corner of the room

Even if it’s not by size kitchen large ones, you can still provide beautiful decorations and natural fresh air. Like kitchen design L-shape a cute one with a minimalistic pink interior. The placement of the corner window of the room that is placed around the stove can help circulate more smoothly. Placing a window in the corner of a room like this does not prevent the kitchen area from having a complete cabinet, so you don’t have to worry if your small kitchen will remain functional.

L-shaped kitchen with upper window

The last thing you can do when you make fresh air in kitchen without cooker hood is to add a space window. Place the room window at the top to give the impression of privacy but with smooth circulation. In addition, you can have a kitchen space by paying attention to the direction of the sun from which side it will be exposed to the kitchen area. So at that time you can determine the right placement of the kitchen window.



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