6 Signs of a Relationship That Is Not Good / Not Healthy Anymore

A bad hunch will someday lead to bad things too. Likewise, in an unhealthy romance, there will usually be signs. If that happens to your relationship with your boyfriend, we definitely recommend finding a solution before finally deciding to end it because of differences or incompatibility.

It is not easy to let go of a relationship that has existed for a long time, it will be very difficult to let go of each other. But after all every meeting there will be a farewell.

For those of you who are, for example, new or about to be in a relationship with someone, make sure to think about the long term. By knowing the signs that the relationship is not going well, this can at least reduce the deep hurt and hurt each other. It’s better for you to learn from the following signs, do you think they are in your relationship?

1. Always Avoid When Invited to Meet

signs of an unhealthy relationship

By meeting you can certainly let go of each other’s longing for each other, and is a way to share love and stories. If there are one or two reasons for not being able to meet, it’s still normal. However, if your partner is always avoiding and seems to be looking for excuses, it could be a sign that the relationship is not going well.

Remember, that refusing to meet again and again will only hurt your partner. Therefore, you should immediately think about ending your relationship.

2. Lack of Trust

As a couple who wants a lasting relationship, they need to have trust in each other. This must be a priority for harmonious relations to be maintained. If you feel you have lost trust in your partner, then this is an indication of a fractured relationship. This means that your relationship with your partner is not healthy.

If you don’t want it to end quickly, you should fix it immediately before it becomes a serious problem, build trust again with your partner. Because if left unchecked, it can eventually lead to hatred and accusing each other.

3. No Real Reciprocity

6 Signs of a Relationship That Is Not Good / Not Healthy Anymore

You should pay attention, help if he is in trouble, give gifts and other forms of attention. But you have to be aware, if everything you have fought for him has a real reciprocity or not, at least he respects you or not.

If there is no reciprocity, it’s like you are struggling alone, you don’t want your love to be one-sided or one-sided. If this is proven, it means that your partner has no intention of building a good relationship. Quick move onstay away before it ends up hurting your feelings.

4. You Have No Future With Him

Every couple wants the end of their story to go to the aisle. However, if you have no idea of ​​building a family with him through marriage, there may be something wrong with your romance.

Is it not a pity, you will be in a long relationship while yourself still doubt and never dream of a time with him. Before finally hurting deep feelings, it’s better to end the relationship firmly so that you are not labeled as someone who likes to give false hopes.

5. Can’t Be Alone

6 Signs of a Relationship That Is Not Good / Not Healthy Anymore

If you like someone it means that you have to accept his character, hobbies, ideals and everything about your partner. But there are people who can’t accept their partner for who they are, so they end up demanding. If it’s like that, it’s a sign that your relationship is not healthy.

Because most of the time your partner ends up not being able to be yourself, over time your relationship will feel tiring and don’t expect it to be happy if it continues. If you can fix it right away, if not, then just end the unhealthy relationship.

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6. Lots of “Eating Liver”

Indeed, in a love relationship there must be problems, both small and big. But too often there are problems, is that okay? Moreover, small problems that are always exaggerated by your partner, in the end your relationship is just a dispute without a solution.

Such a courtship relationship is not good to continue, you will not get peace in a family if it is still maintained. Think about it in the future, not just because he’s handsome or beautiful, but if he behaves badly, what’s the point?

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