6 Smart Tips for Choosing Tourist Attractions for Toddlers

6 Smart Tips for Choosing Tourist Attractions for Toddlers

tips for choosing a toddler tour

Giving birth does not necessarily make the traveling hobby that you usually do just disappear. No need to keep your little one locked up in the room or crib. If your little one’s condition is healthy and he is old enough to be invited to travel out of the house, it’s time for moms to introduce the outside world to their beloved baby.

Sometimes the idea of ​​going on vacation with a newborn or a baby who still tends to be young can be daunting, but you can consult a doctor first. In addition, choosing a vacation spot can also be more frightening than the health condition of your little one. Taking your little one on vacation means that you have to be able to find a destination that is family friendly, not too hot for the baby and provides everything you need for your little one.

So, what are the requirements for baby-friendly tourist spots that you can choose to vacation with your little one? Here are 6 Smart Tips for Choosing Tourist Attractions for Toddlers.

1. Less than 6 Hours Travel

Limit your choice of vacation destinations when you intend to take your little one. The place you are going to at least can be reached in less than 6 hours of travel, especially if you have to take an airplane. The longer the travel time that must be taken, the baby usually tends to be fussy and feel uncomfortable. It will be a stressful experience for your baby.

2. Educational

Attractions that are visited when taking a baby or toddler should not only be a fun place, but also educational. Educational travel destinations will help provide valuable experiences as well as new knowledge for your little one. For example, taking your little one on vacation to museums, zoos, Maimun Palace and parks.

3. Harmless

Nowadays there are many family tourist destinations that offer beautiful panoramas, but unfortunately they are not friendly for babies because the terrain is quite dangerous, such as caves, waterfalls and mountains. Forget adventure type vacation spots. Besides being less safe, this kind of tourist spot also makes babies feel uncomfortable. For example, vacations to climb mountains, captive animals, explore the sea, explore the forest or stay in the homes of local residents.

Sailing holidays using cruise ships are also not allowed because they are prone to making babies experience seasickness. Even though the cruise ship is large, during certain weather the shocks are still felt. Not only the terrain that is classified as dangerous and difficult, a place that is not dangerous for babies should also not be an endemic area of ​​disease or a source of infectious diseases.

4. Providing Complete Public Facilities

We recommend that your tourist destination provides complete and comfortable public facilities to use with your little one. Starting from hotels, transportation, health facilities to sidewalks.

5. Not a Vacation with a Tour Group

Never plan to take your baby on a vacation with a tour group. Holiday events with a tour group tend to be crowded, so when you take your baby you will only feel pressed for time.

6. Baby Friendly Weather

Make sure you check the average weather forecast of the tourist destination. Try to choose a destination that has a less extreme climate. Your little one should be kept cool and protected from direct sunlight. A temperature of about 20 degrees Celsius is recommended for babies. Don’t forget to wear a hat and apply sunblock/baby sunscreen with a high SPF and loose clothing that covers your little one’s body.

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Those are 6 Smart Tips for Choosing Tourist Places for Toddlers. May be useful!

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