6 Things photographers often argue about

Things photographers often argue about – Different opinions are normal. His name is also human, let alone a photographer. We have a tendency to be different in everything. Often this debate never ends, but it’s fun to discuss hehe. Examples like this:

Things photographers often argue about

1. Nikon vs Canon

Oops, didn’t mean to start a war. But this is the reality, Nikon and Canon do capture the largest market share in the world of photography. Which one is better? The choice is up to you, but you should choose carefully according to your needs. Because when we buy a camera, we are not just buying a camera, but a system. And remember, the camera does not determine the results of our photos are good or not, but the photographer who decides.

For me, I certainly prefer Nikon. No special reason it’s just feel right in my hand. They’re the best.

2. Film vs Digital

Even though most of us are digital today, there are still people who hold the opinion that film quality is much better. It’s true, but if digital cameras offer nearly the same practicality and quality, why use film?

Ahh, but the photos from the film are truly unique. Real analog. Each film has different characteristics. Even though there are settings such as picture control, it is difficult to match the results from the film. Just try simulating Fuji velvia on a digital camera. * I guarantee the result is very dangdut *. For me, I prefer digital because film is already very difficult to find a place to wash it.

3. Color vs BW

This is just a personal preference, the debate that often arises is which one is more ‘artistic’. Well, try looking at the gallery of Ansel Adams or Galen Rowell. I think they are quite representative of these two mediums and the results are both great. So, please choose the one that suits you. I prefer colorful because life is full of beautiful colors. *Overreacting*

4. RAW vs JPEG

This debate is also quite complex. Some argue that RAW has the highest image quality. There are also those who think that RAW is too troublesome because the editing process takes longer. Some say JPEG quality is the same as RAW. For me, making photos that are a bit ‘serious’, I recommend using RAW. But if it’s just snapshots or selfies, JPEG is more than enough.

5. Mac vs PC

There is a paradigm that implies that people or workers in the creative world use Macs. But actually if they use a PC the results will be the same. Well, Mac is indeed much more beautiful than PC (PC here refers to a Windows computer).

I myself prefer Mac because it is much more powerful and stable than PC. My white Macbook still faithfully accompanies me even though it is always used to ‘work hard’, and of course there has never been such a tiring ‘reinstall’ ritual. 😆

6. Fixed vs Zoom

One more debate, fixed lens or zoom lens? The pros to fixed argue that fixed is much sharper and more ‘artistic’. Those who like zoom think fixed is not flexible with shooting conditions. I’m happy to use both hehe, depending on which loan I get. 😀

How about you?

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