6 Tips to Get Shopee Flash Sale

Shopee is an online shop that often holds flash sales. Even at this Shopee flash sale, there are lots of items with insanely super discounts.

But because it’s a flash sale item, not all shopee users can get it. Only the fastest buyers can get it.

Flash sale is a program that is usually carried out by various e-commerce to sell goods with a time limit or stock limit.

This flash sale may be available every day, but only on certain days for a big enough discount.

The items sold during the flash sale are indeed very limited, the time is also limited and only a few hours. The essence of this flash sale is “who will get it fast, he will get it”,

if you arrive late, obviously you will lose the promos and super discounts offered. In addition, Shopee also often distributes free shipping vouchers for certain products.

Buying products from this flash sale does require extra effort and time. Before the flash sale starts, you can monitor what products will be included in the flash sale.

style="text-align: justify;"> Flash sales with crazy discounts are usually on special days. For example, new year, Eid, and other holidays.

Maybe you are also a buyer who always misses this Shopee flash sale. This time we bring 6 tips and tricks so you don’t miss the flash sale at Shopee.

6 Tips to Get Shopee Flash Sale

Previously, please update your Shopee application to the latest version via Playstore or Appstore. Usually there will be the latest features when using the Shopee application which is up to date.

style="text-align: left;">1. Determining Needs Before the Shopee Flash Sale Starts

The needs you want will usually confuse you when the flash sale starts. You are confused about which item to buy, busy scrolling up and down, and finally the flash sale time runs out or the stock is out of stock.

style="text-align: justify;">From now on, look for the items you really need and then add them to the cart, so when the flash sale starts, all you have to do is checkout the items you have added to your shopping cart.

Don’t let the flash sale start, you’re still looking for the right item, thousands of people waiting in line may have clicked the checkout button.

2. Always Be Ready Before The Flash Sale Hours Start

In the Shopee application, you can set notifications so you don’t miss it before the Shopee flash sale schedule starts.

This remind me feature will help shopee users to participate in flash sales. A notification will also appear a few minutes before the flash sale starts.

style="text-align: justify;">If it’s close to flash sale time, keep an eye on the items you are going to buy. And if the time has come, immediately checkout and pay as soon as possible.

There are thousands of people who monitor the products in this flash sale, you have to be able to do it as soon as the flash time arrives, you have to checkout immediately. Even just 10 seconds behind, the stock of the item you are after may have run out.

3. Make sure the shipping address matches your residence

Don’t let it come when you’ve checkout shopee flash sale, your shipping address hasn’t been set. The longest stage when checking out at an online shop is filling in the destination address for the goods.

In fact, when this flash sale must take action quickly. Some instant delivery services also really need to match the address with the map. So set it according to your identity.

You can also enter a second address, for example, you will buy your brother a product from a flash sale.

Or your office address, or your friend’s address. The most important thing is according to the destination and the phone number of the recipient of the package must also be entered.

style="text-align: left;">4. Choosing a Payment Method

There are many payment methods at Shopee and it supports digital wallets and transactions from Shopee Pay.

If you want something simpler, you can top up first on Shopee Pay so that during a flash sale you can quickly pay for the product that you are already looking for.

Or other payment methods are also possible, as long as you can do it quickly.

5. Using a Stable Internet Network

A very important factor in participating in this shopee flash sale is the quality of the internet network. If it’s slow, later the item will be purchased by other Shopee users. Even when filling in the data though, it might not be saved.

To get a stable internet network you can use wifi or use a provider with the best network quality.

6. Focus On One Product

Because usually when you are tempted by a discount, it feels like all items want to be bought. It’s better to focus on the items that you really need, considering that this shopee flash sale is not only you who are waiting in line, but thousands of people.

6 Tips to Get Shopee Flash Sale

Lately, Shopee has been aggressively making flash sales with pretty tempting discounts. Of course, you don’t want to miss something you’ve been wanting for a long time, right?

And the most tempting thing at this Shopee flash sale is that there are expensive class items that are discounted to cheap. Here are 3 tricks so you can get items from Shopee.

1. Just find out first what items will be sold at the flash sale, usually there will be information in the notification about the flash sale opening hours and the product.

If you already know it, for example Xiaomi Note 5A, you can immediately look for the name of a similar product in the search field.

2. Once you get it, just add it to your cart. The product must be exactly the same, not to be different. When entering a product, it’s best to do it some time before the Shopee flash sale starts. Later you will be directed to the check out menu.

3. When the flash sale starts, click check out and select the address and payment method to be used.

With this trick, you will most likely be able to get the flash sale item you want.

The key is when you add the product to the cart, it must match exactly the product that will appear in the flash sale.

When other users are busy scrambling for checkout, you are already in the checkout menu because the item is already in your cart.

The tips and tricks above are also useful in flash sale programs in all market places. Please try it on Lazada, Tokopedia,

Bukalapak and other online shops. Flash sales with super discounts are usually only available on holidays or special birthdays from the relevant market place. Even though you see Shopee flash sales every day, the discounts are not as big as discounts on special days.