6 Tips To Provide The Best Service To Customers

The most common customer service situation is a customer or client seeking help so it is very important to get the interaction or help right. A customer seeking help will not only feel that he or she has been treated well but will be even better off buying a product or service from your business.

Use the following tips for better customer service to educate your staff and evaluate customer service performance:

1. Tavailable at the right time

Best Service Overview
Best Service Overview

The first way to make a customer feel valued is to acknowledge him or her as soon as possible. So when someone enters the office, you should immediately say hello and pay attention to their needs.

Stop doing anything as soon as possible. However, if you are still busy picking up the phone or something else, you can ask the customer to wait politely first.

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2. Greet customers in a friendly but appropriate manner

Make eye contact, smile and say something like, “Hello, how can I help you today?” stop there. Let the customer respond.

3. Appears when you want to help

Do not encourage staff to constantly ask customers so as to interfere with customer activities as if the customer is being chased or followed. Show up when customers need help.

id="4-bantu-pelanggan-dengan-langsung-menangani-permintaan-pelanggan-memecahkan-masalah-pelanggan">4. Assist customers by directly handling customer requests/solving customer problems.

  • Active listening customer. Show that you’re actively listening to your customers by making eye contact, nodding, or even jotting down notes. Ask questions explaining when the customer finished speaking, if necessary to get more details that will allow you to address the customer’s concerns. Don’t cut off the customer conversation.
  • Able to offer appropriate advice. Customers often have questions that are not directly about your product or service but related to them. For example, customers who are interested in services Best Hosting in Indonesia via chat, may want to know how to buy it at Jagoanhosting.com. The answers you give (or are unable to give) can have a huge influence on buying decisions and how customers feel about your customer service.

5. Be cheerful, polite and respectful throughout customer service interactions

Give a Sincere Smile in Serving Customers

When you interact with customers, show your cheerful face by always smiling and listening to messages from customers.


politely is also very important, say words that are appropriate to the customer’s circumstances. Like casual with younger customers, and standard on older customers.

6. Close customer service interactions appropriately

You must finish helping the customer by actively suggesting the next step. If they are ready to make a purchase at this point, escort or direct the customer for assistance with the order and inform them of the bill and method of payment.

If the customer is not ready to purchase at this point, the recommended next step may be a further invitation such as sending a service offer proposal such as an offer letter Best Hosting in Indonesia or by asking, “Is there anything else I can help you with?” .

If the customer has said there is no more, then he can give a beautiful message at the end like “Nice to discuss with you! See you in another exciting discussion! Have a nice day.” Don’t close interactions without saying goodbye!

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