6 Traits of Toxic Parents & Actions That Injure Children, Stop Now!

Jakarta – Hi Mother, when we talk about household chores, it seems that there is no end. If you’re tired like this, it’s easy to get emotional when you see your little one seeking attention aggressively, crying, and even tantrums without knowing where to go. Take a breath, Mother, everything has a solution.

It doesn’t matter if you complain, it’s a natural and normal thing to do to let go of feelings in your chest. But remember! When angry, do not let any actions or words that hurt the child’s heart.

Basically as a parent, you definitely want your little one to grow up well and according to expectations, right? To be able to achieve that desire, the struggle is not easy. Need effort to make children obedient, disciplined, and know which actions are good or not harmful to them.

Reported healthline, Ashley Marcin, Blogger and Freelancer Health states that parents’ negative behavior patterns are very influential in shaping the character of the Little One. If parents become toxic, then the Little One will grow up with fear, full of guilt or vice versa, become arrogant and never learn from mistakes. Of course you don’t want that, do you?

“Parent toxic are those who consistently behave in ways that cause guilt, fear and other negative things in their children. They care more about their own needs. They are parents who do not realize what they are doing is dangerous and psychologically damaging to their children,” said Marcin.

Then, how the hell so as not to become a parent who toxic and dangerous for your little SI? Let’s know the characteristics:

Upset small schoolgirl having trustful conversation with compassionate young mother, sitting together on sofa.  Wise mommy comforting soothing little child daughter, overcoming problems at home.Illustration of toxic parenting that hurts children’s hearts/ Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto/fizkes

The characteristics of toxic parents

  1. Mother is more focused on herself and does not care about those around her. Including the Little One. Mother ignores them and more often makes sure that you are not okay, regardless of their presence.
  2. Mother likes to do physical and verbal violence to the Little One. Spanking and cursing are examples of traits that are most easily recognized.
  3. Mother likes to regulate and control excessively. It’s not natural that Mother can’t give freedom of expression to Little One. Set and control this according to his age.
  4. Mother can give freedom to them trivial choose the clothes they want to wear. Mother doesn’t have to be angry if her little one’s color choice isn’t matching or match.
  5. You like to be manipulative or this behavior you usually do to benefit yourself. For example, if you prioritize less important needs over your child’s more urgent needs.
  6. Mother does not have a limit that can plunge the Little One. For example, Mother has taught the Little One to always ask for money or ask for snacks from other families. Isn’t it not uncommon, Mother, who makes it a habit, without realizing the risk to the development of the Little One’s character in the future?

Apart from being a good parent, sometimes some of your mother’s attitudes and words can hurt your child. Check out the explanation on the next page!


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