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ipadguides.id- Hello, Zone Friends! Who doesn’t like math? Wow, we are the same, but that was before Mimin knew the easy way. Because now there is an easy way for Mimin to like it for sure.

Mathematics is indeed the biggest problem for some students or students who don’t like calculation problems. For that Mimin will give you a surefire trick on how to do math problems that have never been taught at school. Let’s just take a look at Mimin’s review below!

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Illustration of an example of a math problem (Photo: courtesy of timzonamasiswa)

Usually many Zone Friends are confused about calculating a triangle, because it is considered complicated. You have to think about the formula to find the value, even though there is a super easy way. Friend Zone just divide the triangle and then add the results of the whole.


Illustration of an example of a Math problem (PhotoL: courtesy of timzonamasiswa)

Buddy Zone, usually when calculating the division is so difficult and long to get the result. For that Mimin gives a simple way, usually this method is rarely taught in schools or campuses. Even though this method is easier and doesn’t take long, here’s an example:

  1. 60 : 5 =
  2. 130 : 5 =
  3. 170 : 5 =


Illustration of multiplication (belongs to studentzone)

In our lives we will never be far from multiplication, multiplication itself is one of the arithmetic operations (basic mathematical operations) that functions as an operation symbol. So that you don’t continue to be addicted to calculators, Mimin has a simple way, for example:

1. 56 X 54 =

2. 21 X 29 =

3. 112 X 118 =

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Square illustration (belongs to studentzone)

After triangles and divisions, we now discuss quadratic problems, quadratic is also a difficult math problem. How not, we are told to find the value of the number resulting from multiplying a number with the number itself twice.

Square root

Illustration of square root (belongs to studentzone)

If there is already a square, don’t forget the square root is also present to accompany you. In contrast to squares, square roots are the simplest irrational numbers because they can be represented by simple repeating patterns.


Illustration of algebra (belongs to studentzone)

The last is associative, this method is a form of social interaction that unites members. Now this method has never been taught in schools before, searching this way is so easy and uncomplicated.

6 Tricks to Do Maths Problems That School Never Taught

Friend Zone, those were some easy tricks for doing Math problems, I hope it helps. Mimin says goodbye first, don’t miss it!

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