6 Ways to Clean Stubborn Stains in Different Corners of Your Home

Cleaning the house is a job that must be done to keep the house comfortable to live in. Regular house cleaning will make the house more livable and teach every member of the family to keep it clean, and to always keep the house tidy.

But often we meet accident which makes stubborn stains appear in various corners of our homes. It could be because of the work of children after playing or eating or stains that are difficult to reach and end up sticking for too long and are difficult to clean.

This time, homify shares tips for cleaning stubborn stains in various corners of the house which are quite effective if you do it regularly. What are those?

1. Ceramic stains in the bathroom


If you find stubborn stains on your ceramic tile, try mixing salt and soda and spraying it on the stain. Leave the solution for 20 minutes, then rinse.

For faucet stains, spray vinegar on the faucet surface, let it sit for 20 minutes, then rinse. As a result, your ceramics and faucets will shine brightly.

2. Stains on the shower curtain

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Stains on the shower curtain often appear due to the damp curtain. How to clean it is to remove the curtains and wash with detergent with a solution of vinegar. Another tip, before washing with detergent, spray the salt solution first on the stain.

3. Stains on the kitchen table

Parrado Arquitectura Rustic Style Kitchen

Kitchen countertops often look dirty and greasy. To remove it, clean the surface of the table with a solution of warm water and lime or lemon juice.

4. Stains on the ceiling in hard-to-reach homes

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For houses with high ceilings, the easiest way is to use vacuum cleaner the long one. However, if it is still affordable, the maximum limit of the wall can be cleaned with a dry cloth.

5. Stains on sofas and seats

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Furniture dust often accumulates in sponges and pillows and is often invisible. Use a vacuum cleaner to suck the dust off the sofa.

6. Microwave stains

Carlos Iriarte arquitectura Classic Kitchen

The microwave is the utensil that we use most often in the kitchen, a little spilled food gravy if left for a long time will accumulate and dry out.

To clean microwave stains, use a squeeze of lemon or vinegar and a little soda. Put it in the microwave and heat it until it evaporates. This action is very effective for removing stains and odors in the microwave as well as in the oven. Alternatively, rub a solution of soda and lemon on the stain and then wait for the stain to go away.

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