7 Aesthetic Photo Editing Applications, Make Instagram Feeds Cool!

Let’s talk about social media. This time, IPAGuides wants to share tips about aesthetic photo editing application that you can use to beautify feed Instagramlet followrs added too.

Instagram is a social media platform that is very popular with many people. The potential is also great, both for brand promotion, business, or just a platform to communicate with other friends.

Instagram display or also known as feed has a very important role in the Instagram marketing strategy, especially to attract the attention of other users.

If your content is interesting, feed you are neat, the others want it too follow your instagram account.

With increase followersthe bigger your chance to-reach audience wider, there is also a possibility that the brand will want to invite you to work together. Not bad, get extra pocket money.

I myself have been using Instagram actively for the last few years. My content is more about my photos explore new place.

There are several aesthetic photo editing applications for Instagram feeds that I usually use to make the photos look more attractive.

Aesthetic photo editing application for Instagram feeds to make it look more beautiful

Here are 7 aesthetic photo editing applications for feed Instagram that you can download for free on Android and IOS cellphones!

1. VSCO, edit photos with filters and tone which moody

One of instagram photo editing app which I use often. Why? Because it is very easy to use. In the VSCO application, there are already filters or presets that can change the tone or color of a photo with just one click.

It is just, presets which is provided for free by VSCO is quite limited. So if you want to use presets others who are better have to pay more to become a member.

How to edit photos using the VSCO application, import the photo you want to edit. Then go to the edit section and select it presets which is desired.

You can adjust the power presets by sliding the bar to adjust the color. The VSCO app also has standard editing features like exposure, contrast, crop, sharpen, clarity, saturation, white balance, vignette, and fade.

I personally like the preset colors moody and also features clarity from VSCO which makes photos sharper.

Because its use is quite easy, this application is more suitable for beginners who want to edit photos to make them look aesthetic.

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vsco aesthetic photo editing app
Before after editing photos with the VSCO application

2. Snapseed, remove unwanted objects

The Snapseed application is suitable for basic edits such as brightening dark photos, increasing photo saturation, and more. I think the color change is more natural.

Although Snapseed has filters that you can use with just one click, the filters in Snapseed are not very good. So I rarely use filters in the Snapseed app.

To edit photos in this application, open the photo you want to edit. Select “tools” and “tune image“.

Swipe up and down to select editing features; brightness, contrast, saturation, ambiance, highlights, shadow, warm.

Then swipe right and left to increase or decrease according to the features you choose. In the “detailscan edit structure and sharpening also for photo sharpness.

The best feature of the Snapseed application that makes me go back and forth to this application is “healing“.

With this feature you can delete or remove unwanted objects.

For example like the image below. The photo of the ocean is okay, but I want to delete the person in the photo. Just click on the part that you want to delete, so the photo is clean.

I also like the feature “selective” which is used to edit certain areas of the photo.

snapseed photo editing app
Before after editing photos using the Snapseed application

3. Lightroom Mobile, an easy photo editing application, just use presets

Nextthere is an Instagram feed photo editing application to make your photos look more aesthetic, namely Lightroom Mobile which is very popular with content creators.

The editing features in Lightroom Mobile are more complete, so if you are just starting to learn to edit photos, you will be confused at first.

It’s not hard to say. Especially now that there are many lightroom tutorials on Youtube.

The reason the Lightroom app is so popular is that you can save presets you’ve created and apply to other photos.

You can also buy Lightroom presets so you don’t have to bother with editing, because with just one click your photos can instantly change.

The most interesting feature of the Lightroom application that no other photo editing application has is “color mix“.

With this feature you can edit according to color; red, yellow, blue, green and more.

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lightroom mobile app
Before after photo editing with the Lightroom Mobile application

4. Canva, you can use this app for any design!

The Canva app is a little different from other apps in that it’s not used to change the color or light in a photo.

The Canva app is mostly used for designing IG Posts, Stories, banners, and more.

I use Canva a lot for design feature image on blogs. You can see in my previous post or article, coverI designed it through Canva.

This application is very helpful especially for those who are not very good at design because they have provided templates so that looks aesthetic and you can edit as you wish, complete with fontelements, and other photos that you can use.

I myself prefer to use the Canva application on the live site using a laptop but you can too download the Canva app on your Android or IOS phone.

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aesthetic photo editing app
Canva site view

5. Afterlight, an application with finished photo editing filters aesthetic!

Similar to VSCO, the Afterlight aesthetic photo editing application also provides filters or presets that can be used only in a limited way.

You have to upgrade your membership so you can use the features in this application freely.

The free editing features in this application include: brightness, contrast, vibrance, hue, fade, vignette, exposure, saturation, temperature, tint, sharpening, highlights, shadows, highlight tine, mid tone, and shadow tone.

afterlight instagram photo editor
Before after editing photos with the Afterlight app

6. BeautyPlus, the application for adding make up!

Well, for girls who like selfies, you want their faces to not look too innocent. Try the BeautyPlus app.

In this application you can add make-up like lipstick, eyebrows, eyeshadows, and blush.

Prior to-judgeah, using this application means deceiving other people. We open-minded It’s okay, what’s the difference if you use make-up, it’s the same, hehe.

As long as you don’t edit too much. The filter color is also more feminine.

beautyplus app
Before after editing photos using the BeautyPlus application

7. Unfold

Usually I use the Unfold aesthetic photo editing application for IG Stories posts.

In this application you can add text or sentences easily, combine several photo collages. The design is also more simple and minimalist.

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Aesthetic photo editing app to take photos in the dark

Of course, if you take photos when it’s dark or at night, it’s always bad. The problem is the photo is dark, if you use flash it’s also not good.

There are 2 applications that I usually use to take photos in the dark, namely:

1. Dazz Cam, suitable for use in the dark

With Dazz Cam app, you don’t have to worry about taking photos at night anymore. How to use this application is the same as taking photos on a cellphone camera as usual.

Turn on the flash via the application for better photo results. You can choose 4 types of cameras using the free version. The ones I often use are D Classic and Inst C.

The results of D Classic photos are like the results of a film camera. While Inst C is more like a polaroid photo. In addition, you can also take videos with this application.

dazz cam app
The results of the photo using the Dazz Cam application

2. HUJI, edit photos using this application so they look like movie photos!

The HUJI app is also used to take photos in dark conditions. Similar to Dazz Cam, only in the HUJI application the results are just like a film camera.

Sometimes it’s interesting to see the shots from this application because usually the flare or red light produced is different.

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HUJI app
The results of the photo using the HUJI application

The application organizes Instagram photos so that the feed is more aesthetic and interesting

As I said before, instagram feeds are very important because they are what other instagram users see first.

order view feed More interestingly, you can use this application to adjust the placement of the photo before uploading it.upload to instagram:

1. Planoly

Planoly is an application that is used to plan posts or content on Instagram. With the free version, you can upload a maximum of 30 photos or posts for a month.

In this application you can adjust the location of the photo so that feed look more attractive. There is also a scheduling feature to post on Instagram automatically.

I recommend if you want to be social media marketing specialistt, selling online, or content creatorwe recommend using the Planoly app to plan posts on instagram.

2. Preview

The Preview app is also an app instagram planner which aims to plan posts on Instagram. You can use this application for free with conditions 1 user 1 device.

The advantage of the Preview application, you can upload as many photos as you want alias unlimited. In this app you can edit photos too, add appropriate hashtags, schedule Instagram posts, and more.


That’s some aesthetic and free photo editing application to beautify feed Instagram. You can download all of these applications on both Android and IOS. Which is your favourite?

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