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2058 km, 12 days, 7 Terios cars, 7 destinations and 28 amazing friends.

What have we encountered along this journey? This is a list of experiences that can’t be counted.

Here are the photos, if you don’t want to scroll, you can just watch the video below. Just click play. Ciao!

1. See the burning forest and the smog that covers Borneo’s sky #Fighting the Smoke

We encountered many burning forests along the way. This is a common sight.

Seeing and feeling the smoke in Kalimantan made me know very well how very disturbed life is there.

2. Meet Wild Fauna Like Orang Utan, Proboscis Monkey, and Swamp Buffalo, and Crocodile in their natural habitat.

Wildlife we ​​met

We will never forget the experience of looking for truly wild orangutans in Sebangaum National Park, seeing buffalo that can swim in the river, to crocodiles that fiercely eat chickens that we throw at us.

3. Tasting Kalimantan specialties such as Paliat and Rattan Vegetables that are so mouth-watering

Shake tongue

Paliat prawns, Orari rice cake, rattan vegetables, and many more. Everything is great!

4. See the beauty of Kalimantan’s flora such as wild orchids and the largest ironwood tree in the world

Giant ironwood tree and wild orchids of Kalimantan

Kalimantan is indeed a paradise of nature. However, there are many jerks who make smoke there. Get well soon! #FightingSmoke

5. Car convoy as far as 2058 km with 7 Daihatsu New Terios cars


It is difficult to control seven cars to stay coordinated throughout this 2058 km journey. And we have done it. Extraordinary!

6. Visiting Maldives van Indonesia : Derawan!

Maldives? This is Derawan!

You can praise the Maldives as high as the sky. But we have a much cooler Derawan!

7. And of course, have fun with 28 new friends. You rock, guys!


The bloggers, media, drivers ( we prefer called them ‘transporters’) have all been my family during this trip, until now.

See you at the Terios 7 wonders expedition next year!

This Terios 7 Wonders Expedition is a media journey with Daihatsu. All opinions are personal property. See other posts below.

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