7 Beautiful Kitchen Designs with Charming Kitchen Sets

To get a beautiful kitchen with a modern look, you can see many references on various social media. No exception in the reviews that will be shared this time. A beautiful and clean kitchen is created by the owner with the skills and creativity to make the kitchen more organized. In addition, you can also try to explore the kitchen space. As long as the size and furniture in the kitchen are appropriate so that it brings a comfortable and harmonious atmosphere when used as a place to cook. For various inspirations and other kitchen details, you can check out 7 Beautiful Kitchen Designs with Luxurious Kitchen Sets below:

Japanese style luxury kitchen design

A beautiful luxury kitchen with a kitchen set this time in a Japanese style design to wake up passionate cooking activities. The interior of the kitchen in this house is identical to the brown wood color and clean white for a neat appearance. The kitchen model with a kitchen set island is very functional as a place to cook and eat together. Moreover, there is an aesthetic semi-circular window accent and looks in line with the room.

kitchen set with freestanding stove

If you want to get a beautiful kitchen design at home, you can use the following ideas as examples of recommendations. The kitchen design with a complete luxury kitchen set using a freestanding stove looks harmonious with the concept of a neat style room. The kitchen is neatly made in the form of a linear table complete with cabinets and a touch of matching terracotta colors. Especially with the kitchen space located near the garden next to the house, the atmosphere is fresh and the activities are more fun.

kitchen with stainless material

The following beautiful kitchen display will make the whole house more meaningful. The minimalist industrial concept in gray this time dominates with a stainless steel cabinet and a luxurious granite kitchen table. This neat cabinet model is combined with display racks to minimize storage for easy discovery by the owner. Another gradation is also displayed from the attractive backsplash with an elegant black color.

with elegant eclectic style kitchen set

The modern kitchen this time not only looks luxurious and elegant. The choice of tone in the cabinet with an eclectic style gives a dynamic effect plus a hidden lamp in the backsplash. Kitchen set island is still the mainstay of many people to maximize the spacious kitchen space. You can make the kitchen space more beautiful with a variety of elements and ceramic furniture for a luxurious modern impression.

kitchen set under the stairs

Another area that can be used for the kitchen space is under the stairs. A house layout like this will minimize the interior to be wider and the privacy in the living room to be more intimate. This luxurious linear kitchen is full of cabinets that store evenly on top and bottom for all your furniture and cooking ingredients. Giving a clean white color is the right choice for a kitchen space that is less spacious and even already spacious. Activities will be more comfortable and quiet without having to jostle.

Luxurious industrial kitchen with letter U shape

Using a luxury kitchen set in the kitchen needs to be neat and intense in detail. For example, the use of kitchen cabinets from HPL multiplex material with wooden shades and the addition of an elegant black color. You can maximize this U-shaped kitchen as a place to eat or a mini bar for breakfast only. Display the kitchen with a neat arrangement at will and try if the kitchen has a special area for storing cooking utensils.

kitchen set with charming navy color

Another choice of kitchen sets for the kitchen at home this time you can make examples and recommendations. The letter L kitchen shape with elegant black granite motif ceramics combined with a navy cabinet gives a dazzling expensive impression. Moreover, the use of a storage cabinet in this kitchen is only applied above the stove area to provide a relief effect when cooking. You can maximize the empty wall on this backsplash with an open display rack for light cooking ingredients or cooking spices.

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